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Windows 11 Update: Microsoft Cautions About Install Media Bug Affecting Narrator Tool

Microsoft has confirmed a bug affecting Narrator during the installation of Windows 11 version 23H2. The bug only occurs when installing from physical media or disk images.


has confirmed the presence of a peculiar bug affecting the Narrator software during the installation of the recently launched Windows 11 version 23H2. The issue presents itself when users attempt to perform a clean installation from physical media or disk images.

Bug Details and User Impact

Detailed reports describe the Narrator, Microsoft's screen-reading app, launching in an unresponsive state. This is particularly concerning for users who rely on assistive technologies to interact with their devices. It's important to clarify that this issue does not persist post-installation and is isolated to the installation phase only.

While the bug does not impact users upgrading from previous versions of Windows, those using fresh install media are likely to experience difficulties with Narrator. The company has made it clear that the glitch is identified only in scenarios where devices are being set up afresh using either a USB drive, DVD, or ISO files that contain the latest version of .

Workarounds and Solutions

Notwithstanding the existing issue, there are multiple ways to obtain Windows 11 version 23H2. Users already on Windows 10 or an older version of Windows 11 can bypass the bug entirely by opting for an upgrade via . This process does not trigger the Narrator issue, as confirmed by Microsoft.

For those preferring or requiring a clean install, Microsoft advises that it is working on a revised version of the installation media to rectify the bug and aid users dependent on Narrator during setup. Until this fix is rolled out, users could employ tools such as Rufus to create bootable USB drives for installation, or they may consider an in-place upgrade by utilizing disk images available from Microsoft's official website.

Furthermore, for users with hardware not officially supported by Windows 11, our complete guide outlines alternative installation methods that ensure compatibility with the new operating system.

Microsoft has not released a specific timeline for when the corrected media will be available but encourages users to stay updated on the latest news and developments through their official channels. In the meantime, users are urged to exercise patience and employ alternative methods for installation if they are reliant on the Narrator feature.

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