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Stability AI Enters Video Generation Arena with Stable Video Diffusion Release

Stability AI introduces two AI models, Stable Video Diffusion and SVD-XT, that generate short videos from static images.


Stability AI has introduced two innovative artificial intelligence models, known as Stable Video Diffusion (SVD) and SVD-XT, marking a significant development in the field of technology.

Innovation in AI Video Generation

The new models represent a novel approach to creating short video clips from static images. Both SVD and SVD-XT employ latent diffusion techniques to generate videos that are 576 by 1024 pixels in size at frame rates ranging from three to 30 frames per second. The SVD model is capable of producing 14 frames from a single still image, while SVD-XT can create up to 25 frames.

Enhancing Visual Content Creation

has trained these models using a substantial dataset consisting of approximately 600 million video samples. Subsequent refinement was conducted using a high-quality dataset featuring up to one million video clips. This meticulous training process has been focused on downstream tasks like text-to-video and image-to-video transformations. These tasks involve predicting a series of frames based on a single conditioning image. The refined models show promise for applications across advertising, education, and entertainment sectors by being able to generate multiple consistent views of an object from a single still image.

Community-Driven Development

Despite enthusiastic reactions from external evaluators on the quality of SVD output, the company acknowledges there are areas for improvement. Currently, the models can exhibit shortcomings in achieving photorealism and may produce videos with minimal motion. The representation of faces and people also presents challenges. To address these limitations, Stability AI has released the image-to-video models for research purposes as part of a research preview. They intend to utilize community feedback to refine the models further.

Stability AI's commitment to community participation extends to their approach to model development. The company has made the source code for the models available on GitHub, with the requisite model weights hosted on the Hugging Face platform. The terms of use outline acceptable use cases, which include creating artwork and applications in education and creativity, but exclude the generation of factual representations of events and people.

In a move to expand accessibility and user engagement, Stability AI plans to launch a web experience for users to generate videos from text prompts. While the timeline for this service's availability remains undisclosed, the company's strategic steps towards perfecting and commercializing these models suggest a broader ambition to shape the future of AI-based video generation.

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 11:09 am CEST

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