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Microsoft Rolls Out Significant Photos App Update Including Background Removal

The Microsoft Photos app has been significantly updated with new features that allow users to manipulate photo backgrounds


The Windows Photos app has been substantially updated, introducing an ability to manipulate photo backgrounds, as recognized by Windows enthusiast “PhantomOcean3” on his X account. Revealed as part of app version 2023.11110.8002.0, the software now offers users tools to blur, remove, or replace the backgrounds of images. Additionally, a background brush tool allows for color alterations of new backgrounds.

UI Improvements and Tools

The user interface (UI) of the app displays new modifications to improve user experience. The options for photo zooming and entering full screen mode, traditionally located at the top of the screen, have been relocated to the bottom right corner. Furthermore, the introduction of a button at the bottom left corner provides users with the capacity to toggle the filmstrip view on and off. Enhancing usability, insiders can also initiate a slideshow by right-clicking a folder within the Folders list.

Availability Updates Pending

Despite the introduction of these updates to the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft has not confirmed a date for when these advancements will be made generally available to all users. The new features are anticipated to be welcomed by the broader user base, offering sophisticated editing options previously requiring third-party software. As these enhancements undergo testing within the Insider channels, general users can anticipate a future rollout that will elevate their photo editing capabilities within the integrated Windows environment.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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