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Microsoft Introduces Improvements to OneNote for Enhanced Meeting Integration

Microsoft has issued an update for the OneNote app, bringing improvements to the Meetings Enhancements feature.


Microsoft has updated its OneNote notetaking application, launching an improved meeting selection experience to help users better manage meeting details. Announced in a recent blog post, the refreshed feature aims to streamline the insertion of meeting notes directly within the app. This enhanced functionality marks the beginning of a series of planned updates aimed at optimizing OneNote for meeting use.

Upcoming Features in OneNote’s Pipeline

In forthcoming releases, Microsoft is set to include several new capabilities designed to further integrate OneNote with workplace collaboration. Among these is the integration with Microsoft’s Loop service, which will enable users to view and edit collaborative notes without leaving the OneNote app. Additionally, Microsoft is working on an update that will refine the app’s capacity to offer “suggested contextual” information, effectively tailoring the notetaking experience to the user’s needs.

Moreover, the notetaking app will feature collapsible sections with icons in section titles, a design choice intended to simplify navigation through the app. These updates follow Microsoft’s consistent approach to enhancing user productivity and collaboration through its suite of tools.

Exclusive Features for Microsoft Teams Premium Users

A significant upcoming addition to the OneNote app, exclusive to subscribers of the Microsoft Teams Premium service, will be the incorporation of the AI-driven Meeting Recap feature from Teams. By harnessing this feature, OneNote users will be able to append additional notes and tasks that arise from the Meeting Recap, positioning OneNote as a more comprehensive tool for meeting management and follow-ups.

In line with Microsoft’s standard practice for rolling out new features, users participating in the Microsoft 365 Insider program are expected to be the first ones to test these enhancements. While no specific timeline has been provided for the arrival of these updates for Insider testing or general availability, the anticipation is building for users eager to improve their productivity tools within the OneNote application.

Recent OneNote Improvements, Including AI Integration

OneNote for Windows has become more user-friendly with several new features. Users can now draw better with improved tools and a new Draw tab. They can also write by hand and see it turn into text as they go. They can edit and customize the converted notes with simple gestures, such as crossing out text to select it or scratching it to delete it. To make it easier to navigate through the app, especially for those who use Teams or Outlook often, OneNote for Windows has added a Vertical Tabs option in the View menu. This lets users see their tabs in a vertical layout.

In addition, Microsoft also plans to incorporate a feature that permits the playing of Stream videos (from SharePoint) within the OneNote for Windows app. Lastly, Microsoft is set to implement a previously announced AI Copilot integration this month. This unique AI tool, powered specifically by prompts from the user, aids in drafting plans, organizing information, and generating creative ideas.

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