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Sony Interactive Entertainment Acquires AI Firm iSIZE to Enhance Streaming and Video Processing Capabilities

Sony Interactive Entertainment's acquisition of iSIZE, a London-based AI firm specializing in deep learning, will bolster its video processing and streaming potential


Sony Interactive Entertainment has broadened its technological scope by purchasing London-based AI firm iSIZE, a company specializing in deep learning. A company of engineers and technical experts, iSIZE has developed software solutions since its inception in 2016 to optimize video streaming which will now be utilized to bolster Sony Interactive's video processing and streaming potential.

Leveraging Deep Learning for Enhanced Video Quality

The purchase of iSIZE by Sony Interactive is primarily tied to the AI entity's progress in creating video streaming products, including BitClear and BitSave. BitClear. These tools operate using sophisticated neural networks, a computing model loosely resembling that of a human brain, capable of identifying patterns and learning from data. BitClear uses these neural networks to amplify the quality of video that has endured heavy compression, performing this enhancement in real-time and with marginal latency.

On the other hand, BitSave allows video encoders, a tool used for converting raw video files into digital formats for broadcasting or streaming, to generate videos that maintain high-quality visuals at reduced bitrate levels. The bitrate is the number of bits that are processed per unit of time and a lower bitrate often results in less data usage but can also lead to a drop in video quality. iSIZE's technology, however, promises reduced data consumption without compromising on visual quality.

Bolstering PlayStation's Cloud Gaming and In-house Game Development

The new acquisition strategy places Sony Interactive in a position to upgrade its streaming services, particularly given its recent foray into cloud gaming on 's platform. Streaming is said to be the focal point of the ‘PlayStation Portal' or ‘Project Q' portable console. Speculations abound that the technology developed by iSIZE will feature prominently in PlayStation's streaming functionality, allowing splendid quality streams yet requiring less bandwidth, thereby offering a more seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Furthermore, Sony has been investing in its in-house game development, the operations of which could also be positively impacted by the iSIZE acquisition. One of iSIZE's products, BitGen, uses AI to generate avatars that closely resemble real people. Incorporating this into Sony's game development may open doors to new levels of realism in gaming.

The Potential Benefits of the Acquisition

Sony Interactive Entertainment acknowledges that the incorporation of iSIZE into its technological wing will boost its research and development activities and streaming services, as indicated in an official statement. However, no light was shed on the financial particulars of the acquisition due to contractual obligations.

iSIZE also comes equipped with a revolutionary AI-driven perceptual preprocessing solution which significantly optimizes video quality and data usage. Sony Interactive Entertainment expresses a keen interest in leveraging this AI expertise to boost its streaming services across multiple platforms. This strategic move could significantly improve user experience and strengthen PlayStation's reputation as an industry leader in gaming.

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