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Microsoft Unveils Extra Features for 365 E3 Original Subscribers without Additional Charges

Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features license now available to eligible customers, without additional charges. The license includes Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft Clipchamp, Microsoft Loop, Avatars for Teams, and Windows Autopatch


Microsoft recently announced a new development that benefits its customers who hold the Microsoft 365 E3 Original subscriptions through an Enterprise Agreement (EA). The company says that it will extend access to the Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features license, without any additional charges. Eligible customers will now see the Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features product on the Licenses page in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Additional Features to Improve Work Efficiency

Access to the Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features license will unlock several new features designed to enhance productivity and reduce workloads, squarely focused on business optimization for the user. Among the key features in this license is Bing Chat for Enterprise. Microsoft initially announced Bing Chat Enterprise earlier this year, positioning it as an AI-powered Copilot for the web, with the much-needed commercial data protection. This feature ensures user and business data remain secure, do not leak outside the organization, and are not utilized for training large language models.

Other Features Included in the Extra License

Some other noteworthy products included under the additional features are Microsoft Clipchamp, a replacement for Microsoft Movie Maker. Clipchamp, part of the 365 Business Suite, is a video editing tool designed for easy adaptability, enabling users to create professional-level videos, regardless of their prior experience.

Microsoft Loop, a co-creation app for teams, and Avatars for Teams, a feature for creating personalized avatars for meetings, are also key highlights of the extended features. The Avatars for Teams was initially disclosed as part of the new Teams immersive spaces and Microsoft Mesh. Windows Autopatch is another available service, automating updates for Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 software.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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