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Microsoft Teams to Introduce Archivable and Restorable Channels in December 2023

Microsoft Teams is set to introduce Archive Channels in December 2023, allowing users to remove or 'archive' unused chats without permanent deletion.


Microsoft Teams has announced its latest planned feature, Archive Channels, set to be introduced to the platform in December 2023. According to an update on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, this addition will enable IT admins and managers to remove or ‘archive' chats no longer in use without permanent deletion, preserving their content such as text messages, files, and tabs.

Teams 2.0 Gears Up for New Features

The Archive Channels are tipped to be part of the fresh features declared for the new Teams version, Teams 2.0. This revamp is planned to be faster than its predecessor, with further capabilities – being one. As such, Teams 2.0 will operate as the new default client for Teams moving ahead.

' Archive Channels is envisioned to make process management more efficient and less cluttered. Once archived, these channels will be removed from active teams and channels lists barring further actions. For future requirements, these channels can be easily restored back to their original form, and reintegrated into the active teams and channels lists.

Convenience and Customization

Archivable and restorable channels would offer a convenient option for entities to bring back useful conversations without creating a new channel. IT admins can repurpose these channels, making the conduct of operations smoother.

The inclusion of archivable channels is a part of Microsoft's efforts to offer more customizations. The rollout, planned for December 2023, will be available across all platforms, including web and desktop. Mobile users will also be able to view archived channels on their respective chat lists. More options for channel customizations are in the pipeline, featuring multiple app branding among others.

Recent Microsoft Teams 2.0 Roadmapped Features

Microsoft has famously rolled out at least one feature a day on average to Teams over the last couple of years. This fast pace looks no signs of slowing down when Teams 2.0 arrives. In fact, I recently reported on a slew of features penciled for the new version of the collaboration app. Inbuilt workflows, a revamped Together Mode, and a new private line feature are all in line for the app in the coming month

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