Google Enhances Bard AI with Email Summarization and Image Sharing

Bard can now provide concise summaries of their emails, especially when they are looking for the most recent updates.

Google's Bard AI chatbot has received a fresh update, introducing new features that enhance its usability. continues to invest in the development of Bard, ensuring that it remains relevant and beneficial to its users.

Email Summarization and Workspace Extension

Bard users who utilize its Workplace extension will now experience an improved email summarization feature. Google mentioned in a recent update, “We are taking a small step to improve quality and make the Workspace Extension more useful by summarizing more of your emails.” This enhancement aims to provide users with concise summaries of their emails, especially when they are looking for the most recent updates. It's worth noting that Google has previously assured that a user's Workspace data will not be used to train Bard's language model, and users have the option to disable the Workspace Extension if they choose.

Sharing Conversations with Images

Another notable update is the ability to share conversations that include uploaded images. When users share a chat that has an image as part of the prompt, the image will now also be visible to the recipient. Google emphasized the creative potential of this feature, stating, “Adding an image to your prompt can take your creativity to new heights. Now that others can see the image you used in your prompt, they will be able to better appreciate your creative process and continue the conversation with Bard in their own way.

Ongoing Development and Future Expectations

While Google has been actively updating Bard, there are other chatbot developments in the tech world that are awaited with anticipation. For instance, 's Bing Chat has promised features, including third-party plugin support, which was announced at Build 2023. The tech community is eagerly waiting for these features to be rolled out.