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Facebook to Get an AI-Powered Writing Tool

This assistant tool is expected to have features that will allow users to command it and rectify grammar or fit text.


Meta Platforms Inc., previously known as , is working on a new artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant tool for Facebook called “Write with AI.”

The as-yet-unreleased tool's screenshots have recently been shared on the social media platform “X” by a user, Alessandro Paluzzi. Known for uncovering undeveloped features, Paluzzi's past reveals include Meta's Verified feed and its distinctive AI chatbot with multiple personalities. According to the shared screenshots, “Write with AI” would take text prompts from users and aid them in creating posts for Facebook. The users will be able to access an option labeled ‘Help me write' available on the ‘Create post' interface to activate the assistant feature.

Command-based features for better assistance

This assistant tool is expected to have features that will allow users to command it and rectify grammar or fit text into specific tones such as funny, casual, or professional. The AI will “generate unique and personalized text to your posts,” one of the screenshots specified. Meta may also utilize this text and prompts to enhance its writing assistant tool's performance.

Distinct from recently announced AI Chatbot

It should be noted that this writing assistant is not to be confused with Meta's recently announced AI chatbot, currently in beta. The chatbot has the ability to converse one-on-one as well as participate in group conversations, providing relevant information as needed. This assistant comprises 28 different AI personalities, each having its distinct style and catering to varying topics such as food, games, travel, humor, and creativity.

Future prospects of AI in writing

While there's no firm timeline on the full launch of the writing assistant, the development of text-based writing assistants powered by is increasingly common. A few examples of this trend include LinkedIn's AI tools designed to enhance user bios and enable more effective conversations with recruiters. With a similar aim, Grammarly also developed GrammarlyGO – a writing assistant with a unique feature that learns and simulates its users' writing style and tone. Apps like and Docs from the tech giant Google also house generative AI-powered writing assistants.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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