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Can ChatGPT Be Used for Educational Purposes?


This article was contributed by Anna Shevchenko who is a professional writer-editor in the Promova team.

With the launch of ChatGPT, people have wondered whether their concerns about this AI technology will turn into reality. While some guides say it is the end for graphic designers and data analysts, others believe it will replace technical writers and legal assistants. At the moment, this solution doesn’t mean any bad — there are dozens of nuances the program won’t be able to handle yet.

However, while worrying about the danger that might come along with technologies like ChatGPT, individuals commonly overlook the advancement they promise. Innovation in education has always played a crucial role, and this case hasn’t become an exception. Stay tuned to find out whether ChatGPT can replace your tutors and teachers. Mind the gap!

The Combination of Classics and Modernity

In the best-case scenario, ChatGPT will improve the quality of online English lessons and other subjects of your choice. The key to success is that it is a wonderful means of data analysis fast and with ease. On the other side, to get what you want, you will need to write in the language the system understands well and follow its rules of the game.

ChatGPT can create a text in a moment. It will be nicely structured and answer the original question. Given this simplicity, it is easy to understand why teachers are concerned about the authorship issues in the market. The use of anti-ChatGPT software and programs isn’t a panacea. While their efficiency is debatable, they don’t solve the original problem.

From this perspective, it is a good idea to change the modern approach to writing texts and tests in English. Some experts allow students to create content with ChatGPT, but they require them to leave notes on how they could’ve improved those copies and make them more profound and based on the latest news. Although the constrained phase of the knowledge cutoff by 2021 is expected to be over in the near future, it doesn’t mean this artificial intelligence model will know everything.

Keep on reading this guide to discover some more amazing samples of real-world applications of ChatGPT in the industry!

Automated Grading and Feedback

Aside from the educational content generation strategy, highlighted above, this technology will be also efficient in creating a solid bond between students and tutors. ChatGPT can reveal the mistakes and estimate the provided assignments, simplifying this professional duty for educators. Since they have more time saved by the program, they can devote it to creating new interesting tasks for their students.


Without a doubt, it is one of the latest trends in proactive and effective education. ChatGPT will help you come up with unique lesson scenarios and introduce interactive and real-time storytelling to challenge your students and make them think creatively to solve the problem. Leadership assignments, gamified coding, board games, quest-based learning, and escape-room scenarios — these are some of the solutions ChatGPT offers to transform your online or offline classroom into an amazing battlefield with great results and an entertaining learning curve.

Study Companion to Ace Exams

Test preparations can be a truly demanding and stressful process. From this perspective, ChatGPT can serve as your study partner. Since it offers in-depth explanations, it will come in handy to navigate through theoretical knowledge to master before the exam. It can also offer unique study guides and quizzes to bring more peace of mind and confidence to students — they reduce the fear of the unknown and assist in visualizing different exam scenarios.

The Language Learning Booster

Although ChatGPT is a machine, it reacts like a human in conversations. You can definitely use it to script dialogs and discover more about the language you want to study. With the help of teams like Promova, your interaction with this technology can become even more thorough and advantageous.

Why Choose ChatGPT for Educational Purposes?

This one of the many innovative technologies revolutionizing education has become a potent instrument for enhancing learning and its quality. Let’s examine how this ground-breaking approach is changing how people engage with and acquire knowledge:

  • Inclusivity and accessibility — unexpectedly for many, its simple interface and multifunctional operation are what modern diverse learning needs to evolve.
  • Creating the right learning environment — instead of tests with one correct answer to put in, ChatGPT helps educators come back to more creative strategies and cultivate critical thinking instead of autonomous studying and forgetting information after exams are over.
  • AI support — since this technology handles large volumes of data, it can act as a remote and 24/7 accessible customer support team. Its understanding of details and nuances is far from what a real expert can show, but it is still better than feeling lost and being swayed away by unknown information.
  • Personalization — whether you want to include gamified elements to your lessons or AI support to evaluate your performance, ChatGPT will tailor its feedback to meet your expectations.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, ChatGPT has already transformed the way people seek ideas, create content, and study things — it is a fact that can’t and shouldn’t be debated. If you want to employ this tool in education as sophisticatedly and professionally as possible, the best idea is to combine traditional tactics and spontaneous creativity. The AI revolution will keep conquering the market and create new challenges to cope with. One thing is for sure — its principles of deep learning will present unparalleled learning opportunities for students all around the world.

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Anna Shevchenko is a professional writer-editor in the Promova team.

Last Updated on October 26, 2023 4:40 pm CEST

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