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Twitch Introduces Story Feature for Affiliate and Partner Streamers

Twitch introduces a new story feature for streamers, allowing them to stay connected with their audience even when not live streaming.


Twitch is launching a story feature for its streamers, a recent announcement reveals. This new feature is called Stories and is designed to enable streamers to maintain connection with their audience even when not streaming live. The introduction of this feature is in anticipation of the forthcoming TwitchCon event in Las Vegas.

Streamers who have at least one 45-minute or longer streaming session within the previous 30 days are eligible to use this feature. Stories uploaded by these streamers will be visible to all of their followers and subscribers on the Twitch mobile application.

Distinctive Features of Twitch Stories

Contrasting other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat where stories are viewable for only 24 hours, Twitch stories will remain available for 48 hours before expiring. Twitch also offers exclusivity: streamers boasting a minimum of 30 subscribers can post stories that only their subscribers can view. The platform will gradually roll out the feature to eligible streamers over the course of this week. Streamers can alert their audience to new stories via push notifications.

Additional Features and Safety Regulations

In addition to images and text posts, streamers eligible to use the story feature can post clips from their own or others’ channels. The stories also introduce interactive elements; viewers may respond with Twitch emotes, while views and reaction counts on stories allow streamers to monitor community engagement. All uploaded content is subjected to automated scanning measures to prevent harmful content and must abide by the Twitch Community Guidelines. Violation of safety standards can be reported by viewers.

Twitch plans future add-ons such as poll creation, tagging other streamers, and launching editing capabilities. These developments follow on from the unveiling of numerous new tools during TwitchCon Paris, including a discovery feed and anti-harassment measures.

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