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Microsoft Gears up for a Revolutionary Natural Language Customer Support AI

Microsoft intends to develop an AI system capable of comprehending and addressing customer support inquiries.


seems to be working on the possible development of an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can understand and resolve customer support requests using natural language processing. The company has already filed a patent for this AI-based customer support system.

Towards a Digital Era in Customer Support

The patent filed in 2023 and published earlier this month elaborates on a unique customer support system. This system utilizes natural language processors to effectively handle customer inputs. Moreover, Microsoft has lined up a similar AI feature, potentially upgrading the existing OneDrive, indicating a strong probability of this AI-based customer support system rolling out in the near future.

Online customer service already relies heavily on automation through AI . However, these are basic systems that have a defined set of possible responses for pre-determined questions or prompts. They are not as sophisticated as tools such as Bing Chat, Google Bard, or ChatGPT

However, advancements in natural language processing (NLP) technology form the foundation for an algorithm that the proposed system employs. The algorithm systematically generates text-encoding representations of the customer's issues and then constructs operating procedure encodings utilizing the same algorithm. It is essentially a revolutionary AI model envisioned to use common language to decode pressing technical issues and find the most suitable solutions.

How would Microsoft's AI Support System Work?

Upon receiving a customer support request, the system converts the problem into one or more text encoding representations, essentially translating the issue into a system-understandable format. These encoded representations form the first input for the system's matching and selection unit. Simultaneously, the system also provides encodings for various operating procedures as a secondary format.

The AI then matches and compares input representations with operating procedure encodings to determine the best match. It detects one or more fitting operating procedures that hold the potential to deal with the problem. This subsequently rolls out workable solutions or recommendations to resolve the issue at hand.

Microsoft's new initiative is definitely not its first encounter with natural language processing technology. As a step of advancement, Microsoft recently launched an enhanced search feature in OneDrive. This feature makes searching effortless by enabling users to easily locate files and photos using ordinary language.

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