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Microsoft Unveils Enhanced Search and Intelligence Admin Homepage for MS Search

The updated homepage features tiles for connection management, user feedback, performance insights, usage tips, and query tracking in Microsoft Search.


Microsoft has just released a redesigned Search and Intelligence admin homepage for Microsoft Search, offering users an advanced suite of administrative tools and services. Microsoft Search has now been refined to better serve businesses and enterprises using Microsoft 365.

If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft Search, it leverages the power of Microsoft Graph, the new search experience is like a universal search across Microsoft services. It provides the search for all core apps, including Bing, Office, Windows, and Microsoft Edge, Viva Engage, and SharePoint. Microsoft Search finally made its debut on Windows 10 late last year following a significant delay. The new experience was initially announced in 2017 and scheduled to launch in 2019.

Unique Features and Tools

The updated homepage displays a series of tiles, each of which represents a distinct Microsoft Search feature. The Graph connectors tile, for instance, provides information on the status of users’ connections and gives them the option to create new connections or modify existing ones. The user feedback tile provides admins with direct user feedback, while an analytics tile provides a quick overview on the functionality and performance of Microsoft Search within their domain. The learning tile offers tips and resources for optimal utilization of Microsoft Search features, and the answers tile assists in tracking responses to specific organizational queries within Microsoft Search.

Improved Search Experience and Future Updates

Microsoft said in a company blog post, “The new homepage provides you with a single entry point to access a range of Microsoft Search features and functions.” The redesigned homepage is expected to enhance users’ search experience as well as facilitate continuous monitoring of feature status. In terms of upcoming developments, Microsoft also announced that users will soon have the ability to customize their homepage by pinning their favorite tiles to the front page, but provided no timeline for the feature update.

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