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Microsoft 365 Admins Alerted to Strict Google Anti-Spam Laws

Microsoft 365 email senders are urged to authenticate outbound messages for compliance and effective delivery, as it reduces the chance of emails being marked as spam.


has cautioned the administrators of Microsoft 365 about the newly introduced anti-spam regulations by . In order to be in compliance and ensure seamless delivery of their messages, email senders are advised to authenticate outbound messages. “By setting up email authentication for your domain, you can ensure that your messages are less likely to be rejected or marked as spam by email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook.com,” noted the Microsoft Defender for Office 365 team.

This recommendation is particularly critical when it comes to sending bulk emails, the large volume of which necessitate careful compliance to maintain the reliability and reputation of your email campaigns. Neglecting to follow email authentication standards could have serious consequences, namely, the rejection of emails or flagging them as spam.

Microsoft 365 service not to be used for bulk emailing

Using the Microsoft 365 service for sending bulk emails is discouraged by the company. Such messages that do not adhere to the sending limits might be blocked or redirected to high-risk delivery pools as a part of Exchange Online built-in outbound spam controls.

Mindful of those who need to send bulk emails, Microsoft has advised the utilization of on-premises email servers or third-party mass mailing providers for optimal email-sending practices. Those aiming to dispatch bulk emails via EOP must adhere to the guidance on outbound spam protection stipulated by Microsoft.

Google's anti-spam guidelines prompt Microsoft's warning

Microsoft's recent warning comes as a reaction to Google's announcement of instating new anti-spam rules. Targeting email senders who fill the inboxes of users with over 5,000 emails daily, Google will enforce the implementation of SPF/DKIM and DMARC email authentication for those domains starting February 1, 2024. This measure is designed to enhance the security layer against phishing and spoofing of emails.

In its stance against spam, Google will give Gmail recipients a one-click unsubscribe function for commercial emails. These unsubscribe requests must be acknowledged in no more than two days, as part of Google's plan to protect users from harmful unsolicited messages. Google reiterated its stand by warning, “If you don't meet the requirements, your email might not be delivered as expected, or might be marked as spam.”

If you are not sure how the new anti-spam rules affect you, just check if you meet Google and Yahoo email sender requirements now.

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 10:09 am CET

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