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Meta Unveils AI-Powered Tools for Advertisers

Meta's new feature allows advertisers to vary their product images by generating different backgrounds, image expansion, and the creation of multiple ad text versions from an original copy.


Meta has introduced generative AI features tailored for advertisers. These tools are designed to enhance the creative process, allowing for the generation of backgrounds, image expansion, and the creation of multiple ad text versions from an original copy.

AI-Driven Creative Solutions

The primary feature enables advertisers to diversify their creative assets by producing various backgrounds to alter their product images' appearance. This technology mirrors Meta's consumer tool, Backdrop, which lets users modify their image's background. However, for advertisers, the generated backgrounds are primarily simple patterns and colors, tailored from the original product images.

Another tool, termed image expansion, offers advertisers the flexibility to modify their assets to suit different aspect ratios, such as those required for Feed or Reels. This AI-driven feature aims to reduce the time advertisers spend on adapting their creative assets, including videos and images, for different platforms.

The text variations tool in Meta Ads Manager can produce up to six different text versions based on the advertiser's initial copy. These versions can emphasize specific keywords or phrases that the advertiser wishes to highlight. Advertisers have the liberty to edit the or select the most fitting versions for their objectives. During campaigns, Meta can also present varying text combinations to diverse audiences to gauge which ones elicit the best responses.

Feedback and Future Prospects

Meta's preliminary tests with a select group of advertisers earlier this year yielded promising results. The feedback suggests that these generative could save advertisers approximately five hours weekly, translating to a month annually. However, while the tools are time-efficient, there's a recognized need for further refinement to ensure the AI-generated content aligns with each brand's unique style.

Moreover, Meta has hinted at the introduction of more AI features in the pipeline. These include innovative ways to generate ad copy that emphasizes selling points and generative backgrounds with specific themes. As part of their Meta Connect announcement, businesses will soon be able to utilize AI for messaging on platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger, enhancing interactions, engagement, and customer support.

Meta Continues its Development of AI Solutions

Meta has become one of the leaders in AI, bringing across various services and new products:

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