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Canva Launches Massive AI-Driven Update with Generative AI Video Tool

Canva's "Magic Studio" update introduces a generative video tool through a partnership with AI video start-up Runway ML.


In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Australian software company, Canva, famous for its cutting-edge graphic design and multimedia platform, has announced a comprehensive update featuring several Artificial Intelligence-powered features. The update, termed Magic Studio, integrates a new generative video tool via collaboration with AI video start-up Runway ML.

Leveraging the newly introduced Magic Media function, users simply upload text or a static image and Canva's Runway software automatically generates a video of up to 18 seconds based on the provided content. This pioneering integration marks a significant step in AI-driven design and is part of an effort to make professional design tools accessible to a broader demographic. Canva views AI as a crucial tool to empower the large majority of office workers without formal design training.

Additional Remarkable Features on Magic Studio

Besides the revolutionary generative video feature, Magic Studio also introduces nine other groundbreaking AI features that improve upon its existing copyrighting aid, Magic Write, and a text-to-image using an open-source Stable Diffusion model. The Magic Switch is a one-click solution that enables users to transform a single design into numerous assets, such as converting a presentation into an executive summary or a whiteboard of ideas into a blog post. It also supports multilingual translations.

Another notable feature, Magic Design, starts with a text prompt or static image and allows users to select color themes and develops numerous designs for users to choose from. Among other versatile features are Brand Voice, Text-to-Image with Multiple Styles, Magic Morph, Magic Grab, and Magic Expand. Additionally, Canva is allowing select AI firms to sell their applications via Canva's online store.

Safety, Compensation, and Remarkable Success

Canva's latest updates also include Canva Shield, a collection of robust safety, privacy, and security controls that enable IT administrators and design directors to enforce rules for creating content while ensuring additional peace of mind concerning copyright issues or misuse of AI. Alongside these updates, Canva has quoted a significant rise in its engagement, reporting an addition of 65 million new monthly active users and nearly doubling its paying subscribers to 16 million in the past year.

Celebrating its already successful AI adoption, Canva is introducing a Creator Compensation Program for benefitting Canva creators who give consent for their works to be used for training the company's proprietary AI models. This is an industry-first initiative, financed by a $200 million fund. The new Magic Studio features are currently being made available to all Canva paying subscribers.

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 11:04 am CEST

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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