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Armilla Assurance Launches AI Product Warranty Service

Armilla Guaranteed guarantees the reliable operation of AI tools, addressing doubts about the dependability of AI products.


Toronto-based startup Armilla Assurance has introduced “Armilla Guaranteed,” a warranty service for AI products. This service provides an independent evaluation of AI models, awarding a “verified” status upon successful review. If a “verified” model doesn't meet its specified key performance indicators (KPIs), the buyer receives compensation for the licensing fee. This compensation is backed by Armilla's reinsurance partners, including Swiss Re, Greenlight Re, and Chaucer.

Legal Scrutiny on AI Models Increases

tools, which train on vast amounts of data sourced from the internet, have led to heightened concerns about unauthorized content use. This has resulted in legal actions from professionals against major companies.

Armilla's service is based on two main components to face this issue. First, AI models are assessed independently through Armilla's platform. Models that pass the evaluation receive a “verified” status. Second, the Armilla Guaranteed warranty protects buyers if a “verified” model doesn't meet its key performance indicators (KPIs). If this occurs, the buyer is reimbursed the license fee. This initiative is supported by reinsurance providers Swiss Re, Greenlight Re, and Chaucer.

Details of the Armilla Guaranteed Service

Armilla's evaluation process includes both qualitative and quantitative analyses tailored to individual use cases. Models that successfully complete the evaluation are awarded the “Armilla Verified” badge. Ramakrishnan explained that Armilla's approach focuses on the accurate assessment and pricing of risks associated with AI models.

BUDDI AI, a medical reimbursement platform, has partnered with Armilla. The platform uses algorithms to convert patient records into medical codes, aiming to reduce claim denials. Ram Swaminathan, CEO of BUDDI AI, discussed the challenges in the healthcare sector and the benefits of their collaboration with Armilla.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has assured AI Copilot users of legal support amidst rising copyright concerns. The company's leadership, including Vice Chair and President Brad Smith and Chief Legal Officer Hossein Nowbar, announced the “Copilot Copyright Commitment”. This commitment ensures AI Copilot users that will defend them against copyright infringement lawsuits, provided users follow the tool's built-in guardrails and content filters.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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