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Meta Pitches Ad-Free Subscriptions for Instagram and Facebook to EU Regulators

An Ad-Free Instagram and Facebook will be aimed at European users, and provide a more seamless user experience.


Meta, the parent company of and , is considering the launch of a subscription-based model for its platforms in the . This move comes as a direct response to the EU's increasing regulatory oversight and concerns surrounding . The company is exploring the possibility of charging users who opt out of targeted ads. This decision is influenced by the EU's stance that users must willingly give permission for their data to be accessed, potentially by allowing them to reject ad tracking.

Potential Costs and Implications

Meta plans to introduce a $14 monthly subscription fee for Instagram users in Europe who choose not to see targeted ads. Furthermore, a combined monthly fee of $17 could be charged for ad-free access to both Facebook and Instagram on desktop platforms. This pricing strategy is seen as a reaction to a court ruling in July, which mandated that Facebook must obtain user consent to access their personal data. The EU court also suggested that companies should consider subscription models for users. The proposed fees are comparable to what Netflix charges for its regular monthly plan in the EU.

EU's Influence on Tech Companies

The European Union has consistently been at the forefront of implementing stringent regulations that impact tech operations. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the upcoming Digital Markets Act have set clear boundaries on how companies can use personal data for advertising. Such regulations have led companies, including Meta, to reevaluate their product designs and offerings, especially for the European market. Advertising has been a major revenue source for Meta, with the EU contributing to approximately 10% of the company's advertising business. The introduction of an ad-free subscription model could significantly alter Meta's revenue dynamics.

Meta has previously encountered challenges in the EU due to its data practices. The company faced a hefty fine of €1.2 billion for transferring EU citizens' data to US-based servers. Another penalty of €265 million was levied on Meta in 2022 for not preventing the unauthorized access and online posting of millions of Facebook users' data. “This shows that tech companies are complying with the E.U.'s digital regulations, suggesting that they remain beholden to governments and not the other way around,” commented Anu Bradford, a law professor at Columbia University.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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