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Microsoft and Mercy Forge AI Healthcare Alliance

Healthcare provider Mercy will use Azure OpenAI to improve patient-provider communication and clarify lab results.


and healthcare database and provider Mercy have announced a multi-year collaboration. The partnership aims to leverage and other digital tools to enhance the efficiency of providers and improve patient experiences.

Mercy is one of the largest U.S. health systems, encompassing 44 acute care & specialty hospitals and over 700 physician & outpatient clinics across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

The alliance is set to explore over four dozen AI use cases, with several to be launched by mid-next year, marking a substantial advancement in proactive and personalized healthcare.

Empowering Clinicians and Patients

The collaboration is designed to empower physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers, giving them more time for patient care. Mercy plans to utilize Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to facilitate better communication between patients and providers. Patients will gain a clearer understanding of their lab results and engage in more informed health discussions through AI-assisted communication. The technology will enable patients to receive answers in simple, conversational language, enhancing patient engagement and understanding.

Enhancing Efficiency and Communication

This partnership will see the application of generative AI in various aspects of healthcare, including scheduling appointments and ensuring all patient needs are addressed in a single interaction. A chatbot will assist Mercy co-workers in quickly finding information about policies, procedures, and HR-related queries, thereby allowing more time for patient care. The collaboration is built on the foundation of previous investments and the use of Microsoft's secure cloud, positioning Mercy to make real-time clinical decisions that enhance patient care.

Innovation and Future Prospects

The alliance between Microsoft and Mercy is not just about immediate solutions; it's a foundation for ongoing innovation. The collaboration will showcase Mercy's solutions at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago in 2024, demonstrating the potential future of healthcare through technology. Both organizations have brought together their respective teams for a hackathon to co-imagine and co-innovate around the generative AI use cases in development.

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