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Qualcomm Upcoming Oryon Processors Face Controversy

Qualcomm requires PC laptop makers to use, and consequently purchase, its exclusive PMICs in addition to the Oryon processors.


, a renowned semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company, is facing controversy regarding its upcoming Oryon processors. The processors, set to be released next year, have stirred disputes among PC makers due to Qualcomm's insistence on using its proprietary power management integrated circuits (PMICs). The company's move to mandate the use of its own PMICs in the next-generation processors has raised concerns and increased costs for its key partners.

Mandate Raises Concerns Among Partners

The controversy stems from Qualcomm's requirement for PC laptop makers to use, and consequently purchase, its exclusive PMICs in addition to the Oryon processors. Traditionally, PC makers had the option to source their own PMICs, but this flexibility is not available with Oryon. The PMICs in question are primarily smartphone-oriented, leading to doubts about their suitability for PCs. The mandate has reportedly led to threats from PC OEMs to abandon their Oryon projects, potentially driving up costs for laptop makers.

Technical Implications and Industry Reactions

The technical implications of using smartphone-oriented PMICs for PCs are significant. These PMICs might not meet the power management requirements of PCs, leading to potential performance issues. The industry's reaction has been swift, with several PC manufacturers expressing their reservations. The mandate has sparked discussions about the balance between innovation and standardization, and how proprietary components can impact the broader ecosystem.

Financial Compensation and Future Developments

Despite the challenges, SemiAccurate reports that Qualcomm has offered financial compensation to OEMs to offset the cost implications of building Windows laptops with the Oryon chipset and mandated PMICs. The Oryon processors, developed by the Nuvia team acquired by Qualcomm, are anticipated to rival 's M-series chips and enhance Windows thin-and-light laptops. The public is expected to get a first glimpse of the Oryon CPUs at Qualcomm's Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii, with mass production slated for 2024.

Anticipation and Market Competition

The anticipation surrounding the Oryon processors is high, given the potential competition with Apple's M-series chips. The market is closely watching the developments, as the success of Oryon could reshape the landscape of processor technology. However, the ongoing controversy and the challenges faced by PC makers could impact the timeline and the reception of the Oryon processors in the market.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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