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Microsoft Enhances Security for 365 Basic Subscribers

New feature to the Microsoft 365 Basic subscription plan will include unlimited Personal Vault, secure sharing, file restoration, and ransomware protection.


In a move to bolster digital security, Microsoft has announced an enhancement to its Microsoft 365 Basic subscription plan, incorporating advanced OneDrive security features. This announcement aligns with the tech giant’s ongoing efforts to empower users with robust security tools, ensuring a safer digital experience across its platforms.

OneDrive Security Boost

Starting October 12, 2023, subscribers of the Microsoft 365 Basic plan will gain access to a suite of advanced security features on OneDrive. These features include unlimited files in the Personal Vault, expiring and password-protected sharing links, files restore, and ransomware detection and recovery. Priced at $6 per month, the Basic plan aims to offer users a balance of affordability and security, providing 100 GB of cloud storage along with these enhanced security benefits.

Comprehensive Security Innovations

In addition to the OneDrive security upgrade, Microsoft unveiled several major security innovations aimed at redefining user interaction with AI and enhancing overall digital security. These innovations encompass a range of Microsoft products and services, including Microsoft Bing, Edge with Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft Designer, Windows 11, and new Surface devices. The company emphasized a security-first approach in the development and deployment of these technologies, underscoring the importance of secure and responsible use of AI. 

Empowering Users and IT Teams

Microsoft is not only enhancing security for individual users but also introducing powerful tools to aid IT teams in safeguarding organizations. The upcoming Windows 11 update, scheduled for release on September 26, 2023, features several important security updates and tools. These include options for passwordless login, the introduction of passkeys for secure access to websites and applications, Custom App Control for Business policies with Microsoft Intune, and Config Refresh to protect against unauthorized configuration changes.

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