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Google’s Studio Bot Dev AI Chatbot Expands Globally, excluding EU and UK

Google Studio Bot has expanded its reach from the US to over 170 regions worldwide.


's developer-focused AI chatbot, Studio Bot, is now available in over 170 regions around the world, marking a significant expansion from its initial availability in the United States. However, developers in the European Union and the United Kingdom remain unable to access this tool. First introduced at Google I/O 2023, Studio Bot is integrated directly into Studio, offering developers assistance with code writing and problem-solving through natural language interactions.

AI-Powered Coding Assistance

Built on “Codey,” a large language model designed specifically for coding, Studio Bot accelerates the development of high-quality Android apps by generating code, answering queries, and finding relevant resources, all within the Android Studio environment. Developers can ask a range of questions, from simple and open-ended queries to specific problems, with Studio Bot remembering the context of the conversation for effective follow-up interactions. Despite its global availability, Studio Bot is designed to be used in English.

Studio Bot supports Kotlin, the main language used for Android development, while Java support is planned for a future release. Developers can ask Studio Bot questions about Android APIs, libraries, and best practices, and get quick answers or code examples. They can also request Studio Bot to debug a portion of their code, suggest improvements, create test cases, or update APIs.

Privacy and Quality Focus

Designed with user privacy in mind, Studio Bot does not require developers to share their source code. Interaction is based on conversation history, and users control the sharing of additional context or code for customized responses. Google adheres to a set of AI Principles to ensure accountability. While Studio Bot is still in its early stages, developers are encouraged to validate its responses before integrating them into production apps. Continuous improvements are being made to enhance its knowledge base and response quality.

“Studio Bot can accelerate your ability to write high-quality faster by helping generate code for your app, answering your questions, finding relevant resources— all without ever having to leave Android Studio,” stated Isabella Fiterman and Sandhya Mohan from Google.

Developers interested in experiencing Studio Bot can download the latest canary release of Android Studio. The tool's availability in specific countries and territories can be verified on Google's dedicated site for the project. Feedback on Studio Bot's responses can be shared to contribute to its improvement, and updates on its evolution can be received by signing up.

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