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OpenAI Introduces Red Teaming Network to Enhance AI Model Safety

The Red Teaming Network aims to use diverse experts to evaluate and stress-test OpenAI´s AI systems.


OpenAI has unveiled the Red Teaming Network, an initiative aiming to fortify the resilience and safety of its AI models. The Red Teaming Network seeks to harness the expertise of a diverse group of professionals to critically assess and stress-test its AI systems.

A Proactive Approach to AI Safety

Red teaming, a method of evaluating security by simulating potential adversarial attacks, has become a pivotal step in the AI model development process. This approach is especially crucial as generative AI technologies gain traction in the mainstream. The primary goal is to identify and rectify biases and vulnerabilities in models before they become widespread issues. For instance, OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 has faced criticism for perpetuating stereotypes, and red teaming ensures models like ChatGPT adhere to safety protocols.

OpenAI’s history with red teaming isn’t new. The company has previously collaborated with external experts for risk assessment. However, the Red Teaming Network represents a more structured effort, aiming to deepen and expand OpenAI’s collaborations with scientists, research institutions, and civil society organizations. As stated in their announcement, “Members of the network will be called upon based on their expertise to help red team at various stages of the model and product development lifecycle.”

Seeking Diverse Expertise for Comprehensive Evaluation

The assessment of AI systems demands a multifaceted understanding, encompassing various domains and diverse perspectives. OpenAI is actively inviting applications from experts globally, emphasizing both geographic and domain diversity in their selection process. The fields of interest span a wide range, from cognitive science and computer science to healthcare, law, and even linguistics.

OpenAI’s approach suggests a commitment to capturing a holistic view of AI’s risks, biases, and opportunities. The company is not just limiting its call to traditional AI researchers but is also seeking experts from various disciplines, indicating a multidisciplinary strategy.

Furthermore, OpenAI has highlighted that all members of the Red Teaming Network will be compensated for their contributions. While the exact details of the compensation remain undisclosed, the company has mentioned that members might need to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and their research could potentially be published.

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Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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