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Samsung May Reveal ‘Galaxy Ring’ at Galaxy Unpacked in 2024

Samsung aims to expand on its wearable collection by tapping into the rising trend of smart rings.


is reportedly gearing up to introduce a new wearable device, potentially named the “Galaxy Ring.” The company seemingly seeks to expand its wearable portfolio, capitalizing on the growing popularity of smart rings. Recent leaks and rumors, especially from sources like @UniverseIce on Weibo, suggest that the Galaxy Ring might be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S24 series in the upcoming year.

Multiple Names, One Device

While the “Galaxy Ring” has been the predominant name associated with Samsung's rumored smart ring, it's not the only moniker in contention. Recent trademark applications reveal a plethora of potential names, including Galaxy Glia, Galaxy One, Curio, Galaxy Rhythm, and several others. Regardless of its final name, the device is expected to be a significant addition to Samsung's wearable lineup, potentially rivaling other established smart rings in the market.

Features and Expectations

Based on various sources, the Galaxy Ring might boast health and fitness tracking capabilities akin to those found in Samsung's Galaxy Watch series. However, given its compact form factor, it might not be as feature-rich as its wrist-worn counterparts. For instance, it might lack a display. Yet, its potential as an alternative to the Galaxy Watch, especially for those who prefer traditional watches but still want health tracking, cannot be understated.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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