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Microsoft Paint Introduces One-Click Background Removal

The new Paint tool automatically identifies the image's subject, eliminating the surrounding background.


, the graphics editor bundled with Windows, has unveiled a background removal feature. The software is currently rolling out an update to Windows Insiders, introducing a one-click tool to remove the background of images. This feature is available for Windows Insiders on the Canary and Dev Channels, according to the Windows Insider Blog.

Functionality of the New Feature

Users can activate the background removal option, and Paint automatically identifies the image's subject, eliminating the surrounding background. Dave Grochocki, Principal Product Manager Lead – Windows Inbox Apps, says that with background removal, users can “remove the background of any image automatically in just one click”, leaving a smooth cutout of the subject. Additionally, users can manually select which portion of the background they wish to remove using the selection tool.

Comparison with Other Software

There are other software options available for background removal, including GIMP and Photoshop. However, aims to offer a simpler process with Paint's one-click feature. The Verge notes that platforms like Canva place background removal behind a paywall, and Adobe Photoshop Express requires account creation. Accessing this feature directly in Paint could make the background removal process more efficient.

Evolution of Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint has been a part of the Windows operating system for decades. In 2017, Microsoft considered replacing Paint with Paint 3D. However, they later decided against it. While Paint 3D is no longer bundled with Windows, Microsoft Paint continues to receive updates. The addition of the background removal feature indicates Microsoft's ongoing efforts to improve the Paint app. It is expected that this feature will soon be available to all users.

Feedback and Further Updates

Microsoft values feedback from its user community. Dave Grochocki encourages users to share their experiences and suggestions through the Feedback Hub. An earlier version of this update displayed a confidentiality banner, but Microsoft has addressed the issue in the latest update.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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