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Maxon Unveils Cinebench 2024: A New Standard in Benchmarking

Maxon's official announcement emphasizes that transitioning to the Redshift engine ensures precise and consistent performance assessment for modern creative workflows.


Maxon, a prominent developer of professional software solutions for the creative industry, has officially launched Cinebench 2024, claiming a groundbreaking era in performance assessment for the benchmarking software.

Cinebench is a free cross-platform test suite that evaluates your computer's hardware capabilities, especially in terms of their processing power and graphics performance. It is based on the same 3D engine as Cinema 4D, a popular animation software. Cinebench can measure how well your CPU can render complex scenes and how fast your GPU can handle high-resolution textures and shaders. Cinebench is widely used as a benchmark tool by hardware enthusiasts, reviewers, and professionals. 

Cinebench 2024 has integrated the Redshift rendering engine, a departure from its predecessors that relied on Cinema 4D's standard renderer. This integration ensures that both CPU and GPU implementations employ identical render algorithms, aligning performance evaluation with the demands of contemporary creative workflows.

Maxon, in their official announcement, emphasized, “This transition to the Redshift engine ensures that performance assessment seamlessly caters to the requirements of modern creative workflows, delivering precise and consistent outcomes.”

After a hiatus spanning a decade, GPU benchmarking makes a return with Cinebench 2024. This feature not only scrutinizes CPU performance but also offers insights into GPU capabilities, mirroring the evolving technological landscape.

Expanded Hardware Compatibility

Cinebench 2024 has been meticulously designed to accommodate a wide range of hardware configurations. It extends seamless support for x86/64 architecture on both Windows and macOS. Furthermore, the software extends its compatibility to Arm64 architecture, catering to silicon on macOS and ® compute silicon on Windows. Maxon underscored, “Redshift GPU performance can be assessed on systems featuring compatible , AMD, and Apple graphics processors.”

A Unified Benchmarking Approach

In a concerted effort to streamline the benchmarking process, Cinebench 2024 utilizes a consistent scene file for both CPU and GPU evaluations. This innovation enables users to appreciate the advantages of leveraging the Redshift GPU, providing insights into the benefits of employing advanced graphics hardware for rendering tasks.

The latest version introduces a redesigned user interface, elevating the overall user experience. This dynamic interface not only provides users with enhanced intuitiveness but also highlights the potential of the Redshift engine within Cinema 4D.

Performance Enhancements Beneath the Surface

Cinebench 2024 boasts an array of performance-boosting features. With a memory footprint three times larger than its predecessor, Cinebench R23, the software caters to the memory-intensive demands of contemporary projects. “Furthermore, a six-fold increase in computational effort and utilization of newer instruction sets ensures a benchmark that aligns with the complexity and sophistication of modern creative projects,” Maxon emphasized in their announcement.

Important Note on Performance Assessment

Maxon advises against directly comparing scores from Cinebench 2024 with its predecessor, Cinebench R23, due to the incorporation of Redshift, a distinct rendering engine, a larger memory footprint, and more intricate scenes.

Cinebench 2024 is now available for download on Maxon's official website, extending an invitation to creative professionals, gamers, and tech enthusiasts to experience this innovative benchmarking tool.

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