Stability AI Unveils Japanese Vision-Language Model

The model is anchored on the Japanese large language model, Japanese StableLM Instruct Alpha 7B.

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Stability AI has announced the launch of its Japanese vision-language model, named Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha. This model is designed to generate Japanese textual descriptions from images and can also process input texts, such as questions, to provide relevant answers.

Capabilities and Features

The Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha stands out with its ability to produce textual descriptions for images and answer questions based on those images. This opens up numerous applications, including image-based search engines, scene descriptions, and QA functionalities. A particularly notable application is the creation of textual image descriptions for the visually impaired, enhancing digital content accessibility.

The model is anchored on the Japanese large language model, Japanese StableLM Instruct Alpha 7B. It incorporates the InstructBLIP architecture and has undergone fine-tuning with a specific Japanese dataset. This rigorous process ensures the model's proficiency in recognizing Japan-centric objects, distinguishing it from other available models.

Interactivity with Digital Content

Beyond generating descriptions, the Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha can also respond to questions about input images. This feature has the potential to transform how users engage with digital content. Envision a scenario where users can pose questions about an image and receive precise, comprehensive answers. This is the vision aims to realize.

Naomi Isozaki from Stability AI mentioned, “Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha is a vision-language model that enables conditional text generation given images, built upon the Japanese large language model Japanese StableLM Instruct Alpha 7B that was recently released. The Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha leverages the InstructBLIP architecture, which has demonstrated impressive performance across various vision-language datasets.

To achieve high performance with a limited Japanese dataset, part of the model was initialized with pre-trained InstructBLIP trained on extensive English datasets. This model was then fine-tuned using the limited Japanese dataset. Potential applications encompass image-based search engines, scene descriptions, and textual image descriptions for the visually impaired.”

Availability and Usage

For those keen on testing, inference, or further training, the Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha is accessible on the Hugging Face Hub. This platform allows researchers and developers to delve deeper into the model's capabilities and explore potential applications.

The introduction of the Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha signifies a pivotal moment for Stability AI. It underscores the company's dedication to innovation and its mission to develop AI models that genuinely comprehend and interact with the surrounding world. However, it's crucial to highlight that the Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha is primarily intended for research. Its exclusive availability for research purposes reinforces Stability AI's dedication to propelling advancements in artificial intelligence and .