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Hiber3D Uses Google AI for Game Development

Hiber uses AI integration to assist creators in constructing vast online worlds used for metaverse platforms.


The realm of generative AI is expanding as developers explore innovative applications. A notable development is Hiber3D, a tool that leverages Google’s generative AI to craft entire game worlds from simple prompts, similar to those used in ChatGPT, as reported by decrypt. Unlike many AI art programs, Hiber3D goes beyond generating 2D or 3D images—it creates comprehensive game environments on the HiberWorld platform. This tool aims to streamline game development, reduce costs, and speed up the process.

At the Google Cloud Next event in San Francisco, startup Hiber unveiled the integration of Google’s generative AI technology into its Hiber3D development platform. The objective is to simplify in-game content creation. Hiber’s mission with AI integration is to assist creators in constructing vast online worlds, often termed as metaverse platforms. Hiber3D powers HiberWorld, the company’s virtual platform, which boasts over 5 million user-generated worlds on its no-code platform.

Natural Language Prompts

Hiber’s generative AI tool allows creators to input prompts, enabling them to describe the type of worlds they envision. Michael Yngfors, Hiber’s CEO, shared with Decrypt, “With the help of generative AI, we’re taking away that last hurdle for creativity.” He believes that this technology will “unlock creativity for the masses.”

Generative AI, which uses prompts to produce images, text, music, and videos, is being adopted by other major companies like Roblox, Meta, NVIDIA, and Activision Blizzard. Hiber isn’t alone in its quest to harness AI for creativity. Oncyber, for instance, launched Magic Composer, an AI tool powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, allowing users to craft environments using text prompts.

Collaboration with Google Cloud

Working alongside Google Cloud partner and AI consultancy firm Datatonic, Hiber utilizes Google’s Cloud Run and PaLM large language models to offer an immersive creation and gaming experience tailored for mainstream users. “By collaborating with Hiber and Datatonic, we are able to unlock even more capabilities of real-time generative AI,” stated Google Cloud Director of Game Industry Solutions, Jack Buser.

While generative AI’s buzz suggests it’s a panacea, Hiber’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Sean Kauppinen, views it differently. He told Decrypt that developers should see it as a “stepping stone” towards greater advancements. Kauppinen emphasized that every technological evolution is a step in the right direction, urging people to take those initial strides.

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