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Review: Stellar Converter for OST Technician – Convert OST Files to PST

Stellar Converter for OST Technician is a straightforward software that converts Microsoft Outlook OST files into PST files.


Do you want to access your offline Outlook data in another account or profile? Do you have trouble opening your OST files due to encryption, corruption, or synchronization issues? If yes, then you need a tool such as Stellar Converter for OST, a software that can quickly and accurately convert your OST files into PST and other formats.

If your OST conversion needs require a thorough solution, a platform such as Stellar Converter for OST becomes a solid option. With this tool you can efficiently convert OST to PST, even if the original OST is inaccessible. In the following page, we will take a closer look specifically at Stellar Converter for OST Technician. We will put the software to the test, explain the feature set, compare it to other versions, and show you how to use it.

OST to PST Conversion: Why Is This Important?

You may be wondering why a tool like Stellar Converter for OST Technician can be helpful. Well, it is important to first understand what OST and PST files are. Both formats are data files that store information from your Outlook profile. For example, they host contacts, calendars, contacts, attachments, emails, and other items.

uses OST files natively, as do Exchange and IMAP Server accounts. Think of these as storage boxes for your mailbox data on your local storage, allowing you to access Outlook information offline. PST files are similar except that they are used by POP/POP3 accounts and store your emails and related items on a computer.

One problem with OST files is there is no built-in way to import or access the data on the file in another Outlook account. Perhaps you want to move your personal emails to your work account, but this is impossible with OST. Another problem is OST files cannot be opened if they become inaccessible because of syncing issues, encryption, or corruption.

PST files are much more flexible and allow you to access data into any Outlook profile. That is why an OST to PST converter can be a handy and valuable tool.

Stellar Converter for OST Technician: Core Features

As a software, Stellar Converter for OST provides a specific set of abilities. You can use the tool to convert all files into PST, including Offline OST. You do not need to dig through your system to find the OST Files as Stellar Converter will list all OSTs from your default system location.

You can leverage Stellar Converter for OST to convert all data into an OST file, including calendars, notes, contacts, tasks, and emails. As well as supporting PST conversions, the software also converts to EML, MSG, RTF, PDF, and HTML. Filtering options allow you to organize what items you want to convert, such as excluding certain emails or notes.

One of the key components of Stellar Converter for OST is its flexibility. The platform currently supports all Outlook versions: 2021, 2019, 2016 (32 & 64 bit), 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

Stellar Converter for OST Technician: The Middle-Tier Offering

It is worth noting that Converter for OST shares the above features across all its price tiers. Stellar currently offers three subscription levels of the OST conversion software: Corporate, Technician, and Toolkit.

While we are specifically looking at Technician for this review, it is worth understanding the other tiers and what they offer in comparison:





$149/1-year to lifetime


$199/1-year to lifetime

With the Corporate package, you are getting the core feature list from the section above. So, what do you get for the additional $50 per year that buys you Stellar Converter for OST Technician? Below are the additional features that come with the upgraded subscription:

  • Batch Files: Convert multiple files together.
  • Compacts and Splits: Stellar Converter compacts and splits large PST files.
  • Live Exchange Exports: When the PST file is ready, you can export it to Live Exchange.
  • Formats: You can also export to 365 file formats.
  • Export Outlook Contacts: Choose to export Outlook contacts to a CSV file.

Going up a level to Technician may be worth it if you want more granular control over exports. However, if you just need the core conversion abilities, the Technician tier does not really expand on the Corporate package. It is worth noting you can go one step further, pay an additional $50 a year, and get the Toolkit subscription. With Toolkit you get exclusive features such as repairing corrupt PST files, restore all mailbox items, multiple format saving, and more.

How to Use Stellar Converter for OST Technician

Installing Stellar Converter for OST Technician installs to a Windows PC the same as any executable file. Below we will walk through the step-by-step installation and usage of the software.

1. Download the .exe file to start the installation
Visit the Stellar Converter to OST website and click the “Free Download” button. You can also choose to “Buy Now” to purchase a subscription. However, I recommend trying the free trial that is limited to 20 emails but gives you a feel for the overall software before buying.

2. Install Stellar Converter by following the install process
Once the .exe file installs, click it to run the Stellar Converter installation. Follow the onscreen instructions, including choosing your language, agreeing to the T&Cs, and choosing a system location for the program. Click “Install” to begin.

3. Launch Stellar Converter for OST
Select “Finish” when the installation ends. Stellar Converter for OST will now open in the standard trial version. If you have a product key for Technician, click “Buy Now” on the top right of the menu bar. You may notice that the overall UI is similar to Microsoft Word or older Outlook versions.

4. Find the OST File you want to convert

You can choose to manually import the OST file for conversion. However, it is easier to select “Profile List” in the pop up windows. Stellar Converter for OST now located available Outlook profiles from your PC.

5. Choose an Outlook profile to convert
Select the Outlook OST profile that you want to access and convert. Click the blue “Convert” button to allow the software to retrieve all the items from within the OST file. 

6. Manage the converted and opened OST file
Stellar Convert for OST now opens the OST file and shows all the contents from Outlook. Here you will see mail, contacts, notes and other items. Options for managing the items are found in the top toolbar and include finding individual messages or saving to a local file on your PC in PST or another format.

7. Choose the save method you want
You can choose to save it as PST, Export to Existing Outlook Profile, Export to , or Other Formats.

Alternatives to Stellar Converter for OST Technician

While Stellar Converter provides a handy and efficient way to convert OST to PST files, there are other options available. Each of the following converters is an alternative to Stellar Converter.

You can compare features to choose the best option for your individual needs:

  • SysTools OST to PST Converter: SysTools OST to PST Converter is a utility that allows for complete scanning, recovery, and extracting of offline OST files/items. With an easy-to-use interface, it makes it simple to convert bulk or single OSTs to PST files. You can also search through folders and select individual drives for the OST files. The searching tools such as date rage are helpful for finding OST profiles or items, while SysTools also maintains the metadata from the original OST.
  • Kernel for OST to PST Converter: Kernel offers a smooth migration from OST to PST and compatibility with all versions of Outlook. It is adept at resourcing and repairing corrupt OST files across all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server. You can select export to Microsoft's Office 365 mailboxes. Management is robust, including the ability to find specific messages or items. You can also choose to split your PST file into multiple files of different sizes.
  • Aryson OST to PST Converter: This software can not only convert your normal OST files, but also your corrupted OST files that are otherwise inaccessible. You can also export your OST mailbox items into Mac Mail (MBOX) and Windows Live Mail (EML) formats for easy access. You can also take snapshots of your conversion process and save and upload them for future use. Additionally, you can generate a LOG file of the full conversion process for your reference.


Stellar Converter for OST Technician is a powerful tool that can help you access your offline Outlook data in another account or profile, even if your OST files are encrypted, corrupted, or have synchronization issues. The software offers a wide range of features, including the ability to convert OST files to PST, EML, MSG, RTF, PDF, and HTML, as well as the ability to export to Live Exchange and Microsoft 365. The Technician subscription also includes the ability to convert multiple files together, compact and split large PST files, and export Outlook contacts to a CSV file.

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