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Microsoft Releases Group Policy Analytics Tool for Assessing MDM Migrations

Released as part of the Microsoft Intune 2308 update, Microsoft's group policy tool is designed to assess Windows 11 and 10 compatibility of on-premises policies for various MDM tools.


In a move to streamline mobile device management (MDM) migrations, has unveiled its Group Policy analytics tool. This tool is designed to assess the compatibility of on-premises policies for Windows 10 and Windows 11 with various MDM tools.

The Group Policy analytics tool has been officially released as part of the Microsoft Intune 2308 update. This release signifies Microsoft's confidence in the tool's readiness for production use by organizations. The tool's primary function is to identify which on-premises policies for and will be supported when integrated with MDM tools.

Facilitating the Shift to MDM

Transitioning to MDM can be a complex process for many organizations. The Group Policy analytics tool aims to simplify this transition. While it is inherently compatible with Microsoft Intune, Microsoft's flagship MDM service, it also offers insights into Group Policy mappings with other MDM solutions. Aasawari Navathe, Senior Product Manager at , emphasized in the official announcement that the tool provides comprehensive reports for each Group Policy Object (GPO). These reports detail settings, potential conflicts, usage metrics, and even the equivalent policy within Intune if it exists.

Migration Support Features

One of the standout features of the Group Policy analytics tool is its “migration wizard.” This feature assists organizations in transferring their supported settings seamlessly to MDM tools. The tool allows for the migration of multiple GPOs to a unified Settings catalog policy. However, Microsoft has candidly described the migration capability as a “best effort.” This means that while a majority of settings are expected to migrate successfully, there might be instances where certain settings don't due to various technical reasons.

Operational Insights

To harness the full potential of the Group Policy analytics tool, IT professionals are required to export their GPOs in the form of XML files. The tool has been enhanced to support scope tags, a feature that empowers larger organizations to dictate who can analyze and migrate imported GPOs based on their designated roles. Moreover, in a nod to its global user base, Microsoft has updated the tool to support sovereign cloud environments, catering specifically to customers in the US Government and .

Looking Ahead

Microsoft has always been a proponent of user feedback, and this release is no exception. The tech giant is actively encouraging users to share their experiences with the Group Policy analytics tool. Such feedback will be instrumental in refining the tool and ensuring it continues to meet the evolving needs of organizations.

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