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YouTube Experiments with Humming-Based Song Search

Once the song is recognized, users are directed to relevant content on YouTube.


is in the process of testing a novel feature on that allows users to search for songs by simply humming them. The experimental feature is currently accessible to a limited number of users on the YouTube Android app. In addition to humming, the feature is compatible with song recordings.

How It Works

According to a statement from Google, users participating in the experiment can switch from the YouTube voice search to this new song search feature. To utilize it, they need to hum or record the song they're trying to find for a minimum of three seconds. Once the song is recognized, users are directed to relevant content on YouTube, which includes official music videos, user-generated content, and YouTube Shorts that feature the searched song.

Potential Benefits

Given YouTube's extensive song library that is freely available to users, this feature could prove beneficial in instances where users are trying to find a song whose title they've forgotten or don't know, provided they can hum or sing it accurately.

Underlying Technology

Google confirmed to TechCrunch that this experimental feature on YouTube employs the same song-matching technology previously integrated into the Google app, Google Assistant, and the Google Search widget. However, a notable difference is that the YouTube app requires only three seconds of humming for song identification, in contrast to the 15-20 seconds needed by other platforms.

The YouTube team is currently also conducting other experiments involving and artificial intelligence. A select group of users might now encounter AI-generated video summaries on YouTube's watch and search pages, aimed at assisting them in determining the worthiness of a video.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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