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AMD and Bethesda Partner to Optimize Starfield for Ryzen and Radeon Chips

AMD and Bethesda have partnered to optimize Starfield. The game will support AMD's FSR 2 technology, but AMD has not ruled out the possibility of adding DLSS or XeSS support.


Earlier this year, AMD and Bethesda Game Studios formed a partnership, with AMD becoming the official “exclusive PC partner” for 's upcoming space-based RPG, Starfield. This collaboration entails optimizing to perform optimally on high-end Ryzen and Radeon chips. Additionally, for a limited period, a digital bundled copy of Starfield will be available with the purchase of specific AMD Ryzen CPUs or AMD Radeon GPUs.

Recent leaks – via Neowin – from the game's preload files have indicated that the PC version of Starfield might not support 's Deep Learning SuperSampling (DLSS) or 's Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) graphics technology, at least initially. These technologies aim to enhance frame rates and provide smoother gameplay at higher resolutions. AMD offers a comparable technology for its GPUs, known as FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

AMD's Stance on DLSS Support

Despite the initial absence of DLSS support for Starfield, it doesn't rule out the possibility of incorporating DLSS or XeSS in the future. In a recent interview with The Verge during Gamescom 2023, Frank Azor, AMD's gaming marketing head, acknowledged that AMD often encourages developers to prioritize the company's products and technology in gaming deals. He mentioned, “When we do bundles, we ask them: ‘Are you willing to prioritize FSR?'” However, Azor emphasized that Bethesda is not contractually restricted from integrating NVIDIA's DLSS tech into Starfield. He was quoted saying, “If and when Bethesda wants to put DLSS into the game, they have our full support.”

AMD unveiled the latest version of their FSR graphics technology at Gamescom. This new iteration, FSR 3 Frame Generation, promises to significantly enhance frame rates for PC and console games and will be compatible with graphics cards from various vendors. Two PC games are set to receive this update via patches in September. It's worth noting that Starfield will be compatible with the preceding FSR 2 technology upon its release.

Countdown to Release: Recent Starfield News

Bethesda will launch Starfield through Game Studios on Xbox and PC on September 6. One of the most hotly anticipated games of all-time, the open-galaxy game allows players to access hundreds of planets across a vast map.

Earlier today I reported that Microsoft has killed off its $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial, seemingly to be able to make more money from the hype around Starfield. The $1 trail would have allowed players to access the game for 7 days but Microsoft has decided to remove the trial subscription.

Bethesda has also been clamping down on people who have been leaking the game. Some lucky reviewers and influencers have already received early access codes to the game, which were reportedly sent out two weeks before the release date.

While this may seem like a sign of confidence from Bethesda, it also comes with a risk of leaks and spoilers. The company is now revoking access to those who have been leaking information about Starfield.

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