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Microsoft Viva Pulse to Get Organization-Wide Customization, Extended Reach, and More

Microsoft is enhancing its Viva Pulse feedback tool with new features such as organization-wide customization, extended reach, and scheduled resending.


is gearing up to introduce a series of enhancements to its Microsoft Viva platform, as confirmed by the official Microsoft 365 roadmap. These updates, slated for a December 2023 rollout, are aimed at refining communication and feedback mechanisms within organizations.

The Viva component receiving these updates is Microsoft Viva Pulse, a feedback tool tailored for team leaders and managers. Designed to provide immediate insights into team performance, Viva Pulse is an integral component of . This suite of applications is crafted to bridge connections between people, knowledge, and insights, ultimately driving organizational outcomes.

Microsoft initially launched Viva Pulse alongside Viva Amplify in September 2022. In June, Pulse reached public preview. It now seems the company is ramping up features for the service. Among the most anticipated features is the Organization-Wide Customization. This allows managers and project leads to design organization-specific templates and customize questions, ensuring feedback is both relevant and actionable.

The Extended Reach feature is another significant enhancement. With the capacity to send pulse requests to up to 10,000 recipients simultaneously, Viva Pulse ensures that feedback is comprehensive and representative of the entire organization.

To maintain a consistent feedback loop, the Scheduled Resending feature has been introduced. This ensures that teams can periodically gather feedback, keeping the communication channels active and dynamic.

Seamless Integration and User Experience

Microsoft has placed a strong emphasis on user experience with these updates. The Integration with Teams feature simplifies the feedback process, with Microsoft Teams chat notifications and inline response functionalities. This ensures that team members can easily respond to feedback requests without disrupting their workflow.

Additionally, the Flexible End Dates and Question Library Access features provide users with more control over their feedback mechanisms. While the former allows users to set specific feedback collection timeframes, the latter offers a repository of research-backed questions, aiding in the creation of effective feedback tools.

Microsoft Viva, a platform based in Microsoft 365is designed to provide a suite of employee tools encompassing knowledge, learning, resources, communications, and insights. It is a response to the challenges of hybrid work, including a growing disconnect between employees and leaders. Microsoft has been expanding its Viva employee experience platform over the last couple of years, with the aim of increasing the connection between employees and organizations.

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