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Snapchat Teases New AI-Powered “Dreams” Feature That Could Change the Way We Take Selfies

Snapchat is developing a new feature called "Dreams" that will allow users to create AI-generated images of themselves in fantastical scenarios.


Snapchat is set to delve deeper into functionalities, following its previous introduction of the AI-driven chatbot, My AI. This chatbot has evolved to reply with Snaps instead of just text. According to TechCrunch, the forthcoming feature named “Dreams,” will allow to venture into AI-generated images, potentially featuring users and their friends in imaginative settings. This information is based on insights from app researcher and developer Steve Moser.

Dreams: A New Way to Visualize Imagination

Snapchat's “Dreams” aims to enable users to upload or capture selfies, which the app will then use to produce new images of them in envisioned scenarios. This concept mirrors functionalities seen in other AI photo apps available in the App Store. For instance, the Remini app gained popularity as users discovered they could generate professional headshots for platforms like LinkedIn without the need for a professional photo session.

Rather than producing standard headshots, Snapchat envisions “Dreams” as a tool to position users in “fantastical places and scenarios”. For optimal results, the app will guide users to provide clear selfies from various angles, expressions, and lighting conditions. Furthermore, Snapchat is working on “Dreams with Friends,” allowing users to grant friends the ability to create these AI “dream” images featuring both parties. This feature was uncovered by Moser.

Hints of monetization were found within the app, with references to purchasable “Dream Packs.” When “Dreams” was initially noticed in the spring, reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi disclosed that this feature would let users integrate their likeness into environments powered by generative AI. Paluzzi also noted that “Dreams” would be prominently positioned in the Snapchat app, nestled between the Camera Roll and Stories sections.

My AI with ChatGPT Integration

While Dreams is Snapchat's debut first-party generative AI solution, the company is already using chatbot technology. In February, the company announced a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT for the new My AI chatbot.

My AI is a chatbot that works on Snapchat, similar to but with more limitations. ChatGPT already filters out some topics, but My AI is even more strict. It follows Snap's trust and safety guidelines and avoids talking about violence, swearing, politics, or sex.

ChatGPT is a big deal for Snap, which has had ups and downs in recent years after its rapid growth. It's hard to say where the chatbot trend will go, but adding this AI to Snapchat is a smart move. If ChatGPT is just a craze, Snap will enjoy the popularity while it lasts. If are here to stay (which is likely), Snap will be one of the first to adopt them.

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