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Google Keep Gets Text Formatting and Version History

Both updates mark a significant step in enhancing Google Keep's functionality,


Google Keep has introduced text formatting capabilities on and is currently incorporating a version history feature for Keep on the web version. Keep is a note-taking service included as part of the free, web-based Editors suite offered by Google. After being enabled earlier this week, users will notice a prompt on the homepage indicating the new feature.

The notes toolbar now includes an underlined “A” icon, which, when clicked, reveals options for Heading 1 (H1), Heading 2 (H2), and the default text size. Additional formatting options include Bold, Italics, Underlined, and Strikethrough. This feature was first observed in the Google Keep version 5.23.322.05, which is still in the process of being widely distributed via the Play Store.

Version History Feature on the Web Client

When users open a note on the web and access the “More” menu, they will find a “Version history” option, although it's currently marked as “Coming soon”. Once fully implemented, users will be able to download a text file of previous versions of their notes to observe changes made over time. However, this feature will only support text changes, excluding images. It's also exclusive to the web client, with no current availability on Android or iOS platforms.

Community Feedback and Demonstrations

The text formatting feature was showcased by a Twitter user, demonstrating the seven buttons for formatting options in Google Keep. These buttons allow users to select text sizes (H1, H2, and body size) and apply styles such as Bold, Italic, and Underline. Another button provides the option to clear all applied formatting. This demonstration confirmed that the formatting options are functional, even with checkboxes.

While both updates mark a significant step in enhancing Google Keep's functionality, users anticipate further refinements, especially in the version history feature. The hope is for a more comprehensive version history that includes images and is available across all platforms, including mobile apps.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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