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Gcore Launches AI Cloud Cluster to Help Smaller Companies Get IT Resources of a Tech Giant


This article was contributed by Eugene Craig who works as a copywriter at juicify.digital.

A rapidly changing world requires everyone to be quick and flexible when adjusting to new conditions. The IT sector has always progressed with cutting-edge solutions, helping businesses perform and adapt to a changeable environment on a global scale. The massive introduction of artificial intelligence has started a new era in the way companies and industries operate, forcing major IT players to come up with new ideas to propel innovations for businesses.

One of the most noticeable upgrades is offered by the cooperation of Gcore and Graphcore, which resulted in a highly-efficient Gcore AI Cloud built with Graphcore’s IPUs. Let’s have a look at its characteristics, and see how it can benefit your company.

What is Gcore?

Gcore is one of the innovative leaders in hosting, content delivery, public cloud and edge computing, and security solutions. Its infrastructure covers six continents, with 140+ points of presence around the world, in Tier IV and Tier III data centers. Gcore is a computing service with a time- and efficiency-proven reputation, which offers a highly robust, low-latency, and secure working environment for its clients.

Gcore is headquartered in Luxembourg with offices in Vilnius, Krakow, Belgrade, Nicosia, Tbilisi, Tashkent, Manila, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Gcore is the only IT giant that holds a Guinness World Record for providing an excellent level of work for more than a million gamers performing simultaneously.

What is Graphcore?

Graphcore is a developer of accelerators for artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is a company unicorn, as it provides cutting-edge AI performance with unrivaled efficiency, powered by the intelligence processing unit (IPU). Graphcore aims to create a massively parallel IPU that can hold the complete machine-learning model inside the processor. The IPUs are used to devise intelligent computing capabilities for AI-based startups, international organizations, and various research institutions.

Graphocore is based in Bristol, UK, with its offices represented across North America, Europe, and Asia.

hen two tech leaders – a Guinness record-holder and an AI-company unicorn – meet together, they are bound to come up with ground-breaking solutions – an AI cloud built with Graphcore’s IPUs.

What does Gcore’s AI Cloud offer?

Gcore’s AI Cloud is built with Graphcore’s IPUs (Intelligence Processing Units), a state-of-the-art processor created for AI computing and Machine Learning processing, which works two times better than a standard CPU.

Such an invention is a breakthrough for businesses that are looking for solutions to implement AI innovations quickly and efficiently. The Gcore AI Cloud has software tools and integrations such as PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, Hugging Face, Paddle, and ONNX to support ML and AI work. Graphcore’s AI hardware is accessed through the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. Every company, despite its size, can reach the resources of the hardware, with a superior processor performance, to speed up their AI developments or initiatives. Currently, the hardware includes BOW-PODs, IPU-PODs, and BOW-vPODs.

What types of businesses can benefit from Gcore IPU-based AI cloud?

Gcore IPU-based AI cloud is designed to help any kind of business develop in a highly technological environment. It covers the need of various spheres from finance and ecommerce to medicine and gaming. The Gcore IPU AI cloud provides extensive support at every stage of product development, from its concept to deployment.

Cloud IPU Virtual vPODs make access to IPU hardware easy, allowing the users to install and facilitate any type of code. It creates the basis for a super quick connection, momentary storage, customizable coding, more efficient integration of Cloud IPUs, and workflow on the whole.

The bottom line

Gcore is the first European cloud service that understood the necessity of innovations in a changeable cloud market. Artificial intelligence is evolving at the speed of light, and there is a growing demand for new solutions to adjust to this environment. In collaboration with Graphcore, Gcore took AI computing to a new level, creating a unique AI cluster, which accelerates the development of every business regardless of the vertical and size.

A Gcore AI cloud creates a new generation in cloud, extending the horizons for every company involved.  It is a comprehensive environment for the training and deployment of AI applications. Considering the high functionality of the Gcore AI cloud, the developers can only concentrate on their machine learning models, as the whole infrastructure, software, frameworks, and storage systems are readily available at any time.

If your company is looking for solutions to develop in the modern digital world propelled by artificial intelligence, make sure you contact Gcrore and its team to guide you through all the checkpoints.

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