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Microsoft Copilot Comes to Dynamics 365 Field Service to Help Frontline Workers

Microsoft's Copilot AI assistant is now available to Dynamics 365 Field Service customers to bring AI to frontline workers.


has announced that it will integrate Copilot, its AI-powered code suggestion tool, into its Dynamics 365 Field Service app. The integration will enable field service technicians to write custom scripts and workflows for various tasks, such as repairing equipment, installing devices, or troubleshooting issues.

Copilot is a tool that uses deep learning to generate code suggestions based on the context and intent of the user. It can also provide documentation, examples, and tests for the suggested code.

Copilot was developed by Microsoft in collaboration with OpenAI, and uses the company's GPT-4 multimodal large language model as well as Microsoft's own services such as Graph. has become fundamental to Microsoft's AI push in productivity and enterprise.

It is a part of GitHub Copilot, and AI coding tool that provides code suggestions. Copilot provides AI-driven suggestions and assistance across Microsoft's Office/Microsoft 365 suite. In March, Microsoft introduced Dynamics 365 Copilot as the world's first AI CRM and ERP platform.

Bringing Copilot to Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service is a cloud-based app that helps organizations manage their field operations. It allows users to schedule appointments, dispatch resources, track assets, monitor performance, and optimize service delivery. The app also supports mixed reality and IoT scenarios, such as using HoloLens to guide technicians or using Azure IoT Hub to monitor devices.

By integrating Copilot into Dynamics 365 Field Service, Microsoft hopes to empower field service technicians with the ability to create and modify scripts and workflows on the fly, without requiring extensive coding skills or relying on developers.

This will enable them to adapt to different situations and customer needs, as well as improve their productivity and efficiency.

“Copilot prepopulates relevant data including summaries of customer escalations into draft work orders for managers to review in their flow of work,” Microsoft explains in its announcement post. “Once saved, these work orders automatically sync to 365 Field Service. Additionally, with updates coming this fall, Copilot will streamline technician scheduling by offering data-driven recommendations based on travel time, availability, skill set, and other factors as well as accelerate responses to customer messages by summarizing key details and next steps in email drafts.”

According to Microsoft, the integration will be available in preview later this year, and will support several programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, C#, and PowerShell. The company also plans to add more features and capabilities to Copilot in the future, such as code analysis, debugging, and refactoring.

Last Updated on August 11, 2023 5:20 pm CEST

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