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Microsoft 365 Releases New Simplified Sharing Experience to Improve Collaboration

The new Simplified Sharing Experience in Microsoft 365 makes it easier and faster to share content with others.


users can now enjoy a new and Simplified Sharing experience across various apps and platforms. The company announced the update in a blog post, highlighting the benefits and features of the improved sharing functionality.

The new Simplified Sharing experience aims to make it easier for users to share files and folders with others, whether they are inside or outside their organization. Users can now access the sharing options from a single button in the toolbar, which will open a dialog box with various settings and permissions. Users can also see who has access to the file or folder and change or revoke access as needed.

“When you want to email someone a link to a file, simply start typing a name, group or email and you'll be given suggestions based on your most frequent collaborators. You also have the option to add a brief message. Once you hit “Send,” OneDrive will craft an e-mail and send it to your chosen recipients!”

What you can do with Microsoft 365 Simplified Sharing

  • Link settings: Users can choose whether to create a link that anyone can access, or a link that is restricted to specific people or groups. Users can also set an expiration date or a password for the link, or block downloads of the file.
  • People picker: Users can easily find and select the people or groups they want to share with, using smart suggestions and search capabilities. Users can also see the profile pictures and presence status of the recipients, and send them a message or call them directly from the dialog box.
  • Copy link: Users can copy the link to the file or folder and paste it in any app or platform they prefer, such as email, chat, or social media. The link will respect the settings and permissions chosen by the user.
  • integration: Users can share files or folders as attachments or links in Outlook, using the same sharing dialog box. Users can also convert attachments to links, or vice versa, with a single click.
  • OneDrive sync: Users can sync their files and folders to their devices using OneDrive, and access them offline or online. The sync functionality will also reflect the sharing settings and permissions of the files and folders, ensuring that users always have the latest version.

The new sharing experience is now available across 365 apps and platforms, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Yammer. Microsoft says that it will continue to improve the sharing functionality based on user feedback and suggestions.

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