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ChatGPT Plus Users Can Now Provide Custom Instructions to the AI Chatbot

OpenAI has launched a new feature for ChatGPT that allows users to provide custom instructions to the AI chatbot.


has recently introduced a new feature for : custom instructions. This feature allows users to specify their own rules and goals for the chatbot, such as tone, style, content, and length. Users can also provide feedback to the chatbot to help it improve over time.

Custom instructions are designed to make ChatGPT more accessible and versatile for a variety of use cases, such as education, entertainment, business, and social good. For example, a user can ask ChatGPT to write a summary of a book, a poem in the style of Shakespeare, a recipe for a vegan dish, or a motivational message for a friend. Users can also fine-tune the chatbot's responses by giving positive or negative ratings, or by providing specific suggestions.

To use custom instructions, users need to sign up for OpenAI's beta features for ChatGPT under “Settings” in the chat interface on the website. Users can then choose from a list of predefined instructions, or create their own by typing them in natural language. Users can also edit or delete their instructions at any time. The chatbot will then generate responses based on the instructions and the user's input.

OpenAI hopes that custom instructions will enable more people to explore the potential of ChatGPT and create meaningful conversations with the chatbot. The feature is powered by GPT-3.5, a large-scale language model that can generate coherent and diverse texts on various topics.

Recent Message Cap Increase

The feature is still in development and may not always produce satisfactory results, but OpenAI welcomes feedback and suggestions from users to improve it further. OpenAI also encourages users to be respectful and responsible when using ChatGPT, and to follow their terms of service and safety guidelines.

Last week OpenAI has increased the message cap for ChatGPT Plus users from 25 to 50 every three hours. This means that users of the ChatGPT Plus plan can now send up to 50 messages using the chatbot model before they are throttled.

The message cap increase is especially beneficial for those who use for professional or educational purposes. Whether they are building new plugins, testing existing ones, or exploring the potential of ChatGPT, users can now have more freedom and flexibility in their interaction with the model. The extra messages can help users achieve better outcomes and insights from their experiments.

The message cap increase is also a treat for those who use ChatGPT Plus for fun and entertainment. Users can now enjoy longer and richer conversations with the chatbot, which can generate witty, informative, and diverse texts on various topics. The extra messages can help users deepen their connection and understanding of ChatGPT and its features.

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