Mercedes-Benz Starts Testing ChatGPT Integration Powered by Microsoft Cloud

Mercedes-Benz is now testing OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot in its MO360 Data Platform, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

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Mercedes-Benz is testing using OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot in its production pipeline, using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the quality and efficiency of its vehicles. We first reported on and Mercedes working together on the integration last month. Both Mercedes and are Microsoft Cloud partners.

allows production employees to interact with production data in a natural and intuitive way, without having to write complex programming functions. Furthermore, OpenAI's chatbot also helps quality engineers to detect and correct faults by grouping data and simplifying the presentation of production-relevant data.

Underpinning ChatGPT is Azure OpenAI Service, which leverages Microsoft's cloud and AI platform. This enables real-time processing of production data, which stays in the MO360 Data Platform. ChatGPT can also support strategic decision-making for the entire production chain in the shortest possible time.

The integration is part of the MO360 digital production ecosystem, which Mercedes-Benz launched in 2020. MO360 aims to digitalize and optimize the production processes at Mercedes-Benz, using intelligent tools and data-driven solutions. ChatGPT is one of the latest examples of how Mercedes-Benz is using AI to take its production to the next level.

How ChatGPT Will Work in Mercedes MO360

  • ChatGPT connects quality data from development, customer experience and production in an intelligent way. This allows potential malfunctions to be identified and analyzed as quickly as possible.
  • The chatbot supports Mercedes-Benz quality engineers in identifying faults by clustering data. For example, ChatGPT can simplify complex evaluations and presentations of production-relevant data and quality management for employees.
  • ChatGPT guides employees through queries in a dialogue, so that not only engineers but also employees without prior programming knowledge can access the necessary data. They use for real-time processing of production data, which stays in the MO360 Data Platform.
  • It narrows down questions further and further in the digital evaluation process until a new level of detail is reached. The overview of the daily production planning can be checked and adjusted in real time and flexibly if necessary.
  • Through the integration, employees gain strategic decision-making for the entire production chain in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the democratization of all relevant data, every employee can use ChatGPT to make quick evaluations and derive the next steps within their field of work.

MO360 Support Bot: Round-the-clock employee advisor

Mercedes-Benz wants to make its production employees' lives easier by giving them an AI-powered digital assistant. The MO360 Support Bot can chat with the employees through a self-service portal that works on any device they use – tablets, smartphones, or computers. The bot can answer questions and clarify issues in a friendly and natural way.

Mercedes-Benz works with Microsoft to use ChatGPT, with the model that runs on Azure OpenAI. This ensures the highest standards of security, privacy and reliability for the company and its employees. Mercedes-Benz controls the IT processes behind the scenes at all times. Employees' voice inputs are anonymized in the Azure cloud. Production data stays in the MO360 Data Platform. Data protection is a top priority for Mercedes-Benz.

Azure OpenAI Service is a service that provides access to OpenAI's large language models, such as GPT-4, GPT-3, and services Codex, and DALL-E, through REST APIs, Python SDK, or a web-based interface in the Azure OpenAI. These models can be used for tasks such as content generation, summarization, semantic search, and natural language to code translation.