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Are You Coming Back to WoW? Then Mythics Are Just for You


This article was contributed by Chloe Boone who is a senior content writer at WowVendor.com.

Dragonflight has been around for a year, offering players a lot of new content and fresh gameplay. This expansion has by far revamped most of the World of Warcraft’s mechanics, talent system, gear, and even an interface. The newest systems, like mythics, have also been modified for players’ enjoyment.

Mythics are Worth…

In World of Warcraft, the typical PvE endgame focuses on completing raids on various difficulties. Blizzard added LFR back in Cataclysm, allowing the new players an opportunity to try out raids in pugs. Some players had a negative reaction, assuming that raids’ worth was reduced to RDF. Later, in Warlords of Draenor, comes the brand new mythic difficulty for dungeons, bringing the two into balance.

A lot has changed since. But one has stayed the same: gearing for returning players has stayed difficult. If you want to participate in the endgame, you have to gear up.

And Dragonflight’s mythics are great for new and returning WoW players:

  • It’s a head start after a long break
  • No need to know the past seasons’ tactics
  • The dungeon pool is not fixed as it used to
  • Mythic+ is getting more challenging and could potentially replace raids

…to be Chosen over Raiding

Getting the best gear has always been a headache. The means players have to go through to get to that sweet loot are unbearable. But there is no need to suffer the tribulations of hard raid tactics.

PvE used to be all about raids. Every WoW player has at least once faced the anecdotal conundrum of getting into the raid. Needing achievements to join the raid group, but not being able to get them without completing the raid in the first place. You need the best gear, but you have to grind for months to collect that tier set. And that’s if you’re lucky.

Mythics allow you to get back on track and not stress over raids at all. But the need to run mythics hassle-free is going to bring you over to boosting.

The Reason to Get Back Boosted

Break the chains of time gating. Jump straight back into the game and enjoy it to the fullest. The WoW mythic boost will give you a whole lot of advantages. And you don’t need anything.

Except a good booster. Besides, you get a bundle of things by purchasing one position. You’re getting gear through mythic dungeons quickly, and there is no chance of facing people playing poorly. Professional players have done the dungeons countless times and know the ins and outs of efficient boosting.

It’s smart to start gearing through mythic dungeons. Then raiding becomes an option that you can choose. After all, getting into the raid with good gear but no achievements raises your chances of being accepted.

And you don’t have to time your comeback to the game. Just get in and don’t waste your time. Back in the day players had to do reputation farming, quest chains, or just be lucky enough to get into the right guild that would essentially boost them. But every guild has a hierarchy and other people might get prioritized.

Hardly ever do you not fight for precious items. Yet a booster won’t click “need” on your loot. The bounty is all yours. And no performance anxiety, if you have that.

Mythics’ grey areas

Facing difficulties is inevitable. While running dungeons on their own, players are doomed to face its downsides.

We will remind you what they are below:

  • High keys can get as hard as mythic+ raids
  • You still need to know some mechanics and tactics
  • People can be nasty and demanding

Do you really want to put up with all this? Especially if you’re a new player, why should the first WoW experience be negative? So let’s dive into the game at full speed by boosting the character.

Trailblazing Mythics

Mythic dungeons’ deceiving simplicity could be fatal. On the 10 key players are already struggling.

Seasonal affixes may change a few things in the key difficulty. For example, a certain affix, like “afflicted” can make a 22 key harder than it is with “tyrannical”. And you don’t run the same dungeons for a year with a “necrotic wake” affix. Looking at you, Shadowlands.

In fact, comparing mythics to raids, you get the same kind of feeling that raiders do. You are doing something completely new every season. It is like a new raid.

Mythic+ is getting harder as well. Affixes and dungeons in Shadowlands didn’t change at all. Running the same thing for years is too much. But in Dragonflight, we can repeatedly run the same key and it feels fresh with a new seasonal affix (prideful, tormented, mini-bosses). Now we have rotating dungeons and no core mechanic changing affixes, but scaled difficulty.

Having said that, getting good loot from mythic+ becomes an easy task. It goes without mentioning the negative experiences people have with raiding. So many people, too many slip-ups, rising negativity, and pointing fingers. On top of that, if you want to play the newest raid, you would have to complete the previous ones. All for gear and achievements, so the raid leader would be willing to take the player to that heroic 25-man raid.

Diving Into Season 2

A new season is a fresh start and another possibility to hop back into the game. We’ve already talked about how mythics are superior to raids for new and returning players. You can simply get started into season 2 without knowing the affixes of season 1. But do you know when it will be a breeze? When you get boosted.

Do not settle for a Blizzard boost

However, Blizzard’s boost is simply not money efficient. You get your character leveled up, some gold, and starting gear, and then off you go into the wide blue yonder. You need weeks of grinding just to get to the ventures of WoW. Getting there is not easy but rather tedious… except you have an ace up your sleeve: boosting at WowVendor.

About the author

Chloe Boone is a senior content writer at WowVendor.com.

Last Updated on June 27, 2023 2:27 pm CEST

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