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Microsoft Advertising Completes Transition to Xandr’s SSP, Streamlining Buying Process for Advertisers

Microsoft Advertising completes transition to Xandr's SSP, providing advertisers with more direct and scalable access to inventory.


Advertising has announced that it has successfully migrated to Xandr's supply-side platform (SSP), a move that will enhance its capabilities and performance for publishers and advertisers. The transition began when Microsoft acquired Xandr from AT&T in 2021.

Xandr is a leading provider of digital advertising solutions. Its SSP enables publishers to manage and monetize their inventory across different channels and formats, such as display, video, audio, and native. By using Xandr's SSP, Microsoft Advertising can offer its clients more transparency, control, and efficiency in their ad campaigns.

One of the benefits of the transition is that Microsoft Advertising can now leverage Xandr's header bidding technology, which allows publishers to solicit bids from multiple demand sources simultaneously, resulting in higher revenues and lower latency. Additionally, Microsoft Advertising can access Xandr's advanced analytics and reporting tools, which provide insights into ad performance and optimization opportunities.

Furthermore, the transition to Xandr's SSP enables Microsoft Advertising to integrate with Xandr's demand-side platform (DSP), which allows advertisers to buy and manage their ad campaigns across various publishers and platforms. This creates a more seamless and holistic experience for both publishers and advertisers, who can benefit from Xandr's data-driven targeting and measurement solutions.

Growing Microsoft Advertising with help from Bing Chat

Microsoft Advertising is one of the largest digital advertising platforms in the world, reaching over half a billion users across Microsoft's properties, such as Bing, MSN, Outlook, Skype, and Xbox. By partnering with Xandr, Microsoft Advertising aims to deliver more value and innovation to its customers and partners in the fast-growing digital advertising market.

Microsoft Advertising has recently launched a new Bing Chat API for publishers, which allows them to embed the company's AI search chatbot on their websites to answer users' questions and provide relevant ads. The chatbot is powered by Bing's natural language processing and web search capabilities, and can also generate suggestions for the next user turn. Publishers can sign up for the Bing Chat API and customize their chatbot settings.

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