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Microsoft Announces .NET 8 Preview 5 with .NET MAUI


has announced the release of .NET 8 Preview 5, which brings a host of new features and improvements to the platform. The release also includes the introduction of .NET MAUI in .NET 8 Preview 5, offering a range of bug fixes and performance enhancements for cross-platform .

.NET 8 Preview 5: Enhancements and New Features

The .NET 8 Preview 5 brings improvements and updates to metrics APIs, including the introduction of the IMeterFactory interface, which can be registered in DI containers and used to create Meter objects in an isolated manner. This feature allows aggregators of published metric measurements to differentiate the aggregated values based on these tags. You can download .NET 8 Preview 5 for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Source Link Integration

The .NET SDK now includes Source Link to enhance the IDE experience when inspecting Sourcelinked NuGet Packages. The goal is to encourage more packages to include this information by default, creating better IDE experiences for developers.

New .NET Libraries Analyzers

Analyzers are like coding partners built into the SDK and the IDE that recognize issues and suggest corrections as you write code. The .NET 8 Preview 5 includes several new analyzers and code fixers that help developers verify correct and/or more performant usage of .NET Library APIs.

.NET MAUI in .NET 8 Preview 5: Quality Improvements and Bug Fixes

According to David Ortinau, Principal Product Manager, .NET Multi-platform App UI, “.NET MAUI in .NET 8 Preview 5 is now available with lots of bug fixes and performance improvements for cross-platform app development”.

The .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) is a framework that allows creation of native apps for different devices using C# and XAML. Using .NET MAUI, developers can build apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows with one codebase.

The update includes improvements to iOS Keyboard Scrolling, test enhancements, performance improvements to the {Binding} mechanism, and the layout performance of labels on Android. Several bug fixes were also implemented, addressing issues such as gestures in Label Spans, keyboard entry issues, Label truncation on iOS, CollectionView issues, ContentView RTL, and more.

Developers can update their .NET MAUI project to use 8.0.0-preview.5.8506 by first installing the .NET 8 Preview 5 SDK and then updating the .NET MAUI NuGet packages in their project.

You can report issuessuggest features, or submit pull requests on the official GitHub repository for .NET MAUI. 

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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