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Minecraft Players Face New Malware Threat in Modpacks

Minecraft players are being warned about malware that has been found in some modpacks. The malware, dubbed Fractureiser, is disguised as a legitimate mod


players are being warned about malware that has been found in some modpacks. The malware, which has been dubbed Fractureiser, is an infostealer. Infostealers are a type of malware that steals sensitive information from a victim's computer, such as their passwords, credit card numbers, and email addresses.

According to BitDefender, Fractureiser is thought to have been added to modpacks by a malicious actor. The malware is disguised as a legitimate mod, making it difficult for users to spot. Once installed, Fractureiser will steal the victim's sensitive information and send it back to the attacker. The attacker could then use this information to commit identity theft, fraud, or other crimes.

To protect yourself from Fractureiser, you should only download modpacks from trusted sources. You should also be careful about what mods you install, and make sure to read the mod's description carefully before installing it.

A modpack is a collection of mods that modify the behavior of an existing piece of software, such as a video game. Mods are end-user created packages that enhance the gameplay experience. For example, in Minecraft, modpacks can add new features, themes, worlds, or challenges to the game. The report said that the malware was found in at least six modpacks hosted on the popular platform CurseForge, which has over 30 million monthly users.

Which Modpacks are Affected by the Threat?

  • Project Aurora
  • Aftermath
  • World of Dragons
  • Jurassic World
  • Pixelmon Generations
  • Pokemon Adventure

The report advised Minecraft players to be careful when downloading and installing modpacks, and to use a reputable to scan their devices for any threats. It also recommended that players use different passwords for different accounts and enable two-factor authentication whenever possible.

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world, with over 140 million monthly active users. The game allows players to create and explore virtual worlds made of blocks, and to customize their experience with various mods and modpacks. However, this also exposes them to potential risks from malicious actors who may try to exploit their curiosity and trust.

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