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Reddit Exempts Developers of Accessibility Apps from API Fees

Reddit will allow free API access for developers of accessibility apps, such as those that provide text-to-speech or screen reader support.


That didn’t take long. Reddit has announced that it will allow free API access for developers of accessibility apps. This means that developers will be able to use Reddit’s APIs without having to pay any fees.

The announcement comes after Reddit faced criticism for its decision to increase the price of its APIs. The price increases were set to take effect on July 1, 2023. However, Reddit has now said that it will waive the fees for developers of accessibility apps. Thousands of subreddits have committed to going dark on June 11 and 12 to protest the change.

Third-party apps are applications that allow users to access Reddit without using the official app or website. They are developed by independent developers who use Reddit’s API to fetch and display content from the site. Some of the most popular third-party apps are Apollo, Relay, Infinity, Sync, Reddit is Fun, and Narwhal.

Reddit has changed its API pricing scheme, which will now charge third-party app developers for using its API. Previously, Reddit did not charge any fees for using its API, but it limited the number of requests that each app could make per minute. Now, Reddit plans to charge $12,000 for 50 million requests per month, which is significantly higher than what other sites charge for similar services.

Reddit Makes Small U-Turn Ahead of Subreddits Going Dark

For example, Imgur, an image-hosting site that is often used by Reddit users, charges $166 for 50 million requests per month. Reddit is now backtracking slightly and says it wants to be more inclusive for developers and third-party apps. However, this is not a complete 180 change as the API will still ne charged for non-accessibility apps.

“We’ve connected with select developers of non-commercial apps that address accessibility needs and offered them exemptions from our large-scale pricing terms,” Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt says in a statement to The Verge.

The change in policy will be welcome news for developers of accessibility apps. These apps are designed to help people with disabilities use Reddit. They can provide features such as text-to-speech, screen readers, and other assistive technologies.

The free API access will allow developers of accessibility apps to continue to create and improve their apps. This will benefit people with disabilities who use Reddit. Reddit’s decision to allow free API access for developers of accessibility apps is a positive step. It shows that Reddit is committed to making its platform accessible to everyone.

SourceThe Verge
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