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PowerPoint on the Web Gets a Drawing Boost: Ruler, Laser Pointer, Ink Replay and More

Microsoft adds new features to PowerPoint on the web: Draw, Ink Replay, and Ruler amongst the new tools now available.


has recently announced some nice drawing tool improvements for PowerPoint on the web that will make it easier and more fun to create and edit drawings in presentations. These new improvements will increase the user experience across a number of core PowerPoint features.

First up is a new Draw tab that gives users quick access to drawing tools such as pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, shapes, and ink effects. Users can also undo and redo ink strokes directly from the Draw tab without switching to the Home tab. Additionally, users can use the new digital ruler to create and insert straight lines and angles accurately.

Microsoft is also adding a new Ink Replay feature that lets users replay the sequence of their ink strokes on a slide, which can be useful for showing how a drawing was created or for highlighting important parts of a drawing.

PowerPoint is also getting a new Convert to Shapes feature that lets users convert their freehand drawings into standard shapes with a single click, which can help users create more professional-looking diagrams and charts.

Next there is a new Convert to Text feature that lets users convert their handwritten notes into typed text with a single click, which can help users save time and improve readability. Lastly, there is also a new Ink Grab feature that lets users capture an image of a drawing from a physical paper or a whiteboard and insert it into a slide as an editable drawing.

New Features are Coming Soon

These new features are rolling out gradually to PowerPoint on the web users over the next few weeks. Users can check if they have access to these features by looking for the Draw tab in the ribbon. Microsoft says that these features are part of its ongoing effort to make PowerPoint on the web more powerful and versatile for creating and delivering presentations.

Microsoft also plans to add more features to the drawing tools in PowerPoint on the web in the future. For example, users will be able to partially erase their strokes using the Point Eraser tool on the Draw tab in the second half of 2023. Users will also be able to use a laser pointer in Slideshow mode to draw the attention of their audience to important sections in a slide or to temporarily ink on slides to emphasize key elements of their content.

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