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Instagram AI Chatbot: Leaked Image Hints to Upcoming “AI Agents”

Users will supposedly have the option to choose from 30 different AI personalities to chat with.


is reportedly developing an AI chatbot, according to images leaked by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. The leaks suggest that new “AI agents” will be able to answer questions or provide advice to users. According to a leaked image, users will have the option to choose from 30 different AI personalities, which can also assist in crafting messages. However, it remains unclear what Instagram will use to power these .

AI Agents for Instagram

This development comes in the wake of other platforms launching AI chatbots with mixed results. For instance, Snapchat's My AI chatbot, powered by Open AI‘s GPT technology, faced criticism for lacking appropriate age-gating features. Despite this, Instagram's parent company, Meta, has been actively integrating tools into its business operations, including ad sales.

Instagram's AI Chatbot: A Response to User Behavior

The move towards integrating an AI chatbot into Instagram appears to be a response to changing user behavior. More conversations on Instagram are shifting to DMs as a kind of chat, with users posting fewer Stories and feed posts than before. The AI chatbot could potentially enhance Instagram's messaging options, aligning with these usage trends. However, the effectiveness and user reception of this new feature remain to be seen.

While the AI chatbot would be an interesting addition, it is not expected to be a game-changing feature. However, it does represent a step towards integrating generative AI into social media platforms. As , Meta's CEO, noted in February, the company's short-term focus is on building creative and expressive tools, with a longer-term focus on developing AI personas that can assist users in various ways. This could potentially lead to more revolutionary applications of AI, such as building VR worlds.

Instagrams Rumored Twitter Competitor

In addition to the AI chatbot, Instagram is rumored to be developing a Twitter competitor. Leaked information suggests that this text-based app, codenamed Barcelona, will be a standalone app that integrates with Instagram. If the rumors are true, Instagram's Twitter clone could be launched this summer.

In December 2022, Instagram  launched its Candid Stories taking inspiration from the popular BeReal photo app. This feature allows users to share spontaneous and unfiltered moments, marking a shift towards more authentic content on the platform. In last February, Instagram introduced Broadcast Channels, a one-to-many messaging tool. This feature enabled creators to engage with their followers more intimately, further enhancing the platform's communication capabilities.

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