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Microsoft Ads Will Gain a UET Insights Dashboard

Microsoft Ads now provides a dashboard that allows users to get UET Insights to see how user engagement is tracking.


Ads has announced the launch of UET Insights, a new feature that will provide advertisers with valuable insights into user engagement and website performance. UET Insights will be automatically enabled for existing Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags starting from July 3, 2023.

UET tag is a tool that allows advertisers to track conversions, remarketing, and automated bidding strategies on Microsoft Ads. Previously known as , Microsoft Ads launched in 2019 and expanded to include Xbox, Outlook, and other solutions. By adding a UET tag to their website, advertisers can measure the impact of their ad campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

UET Insights is a powerful tool that provides advertisers with a wealth of data about their website visitors. This data can be used to understand how visitors interact with a website, what pages they visit, and how long they stay on each page. This information can then be used to improve the targeting of ads, as well as the design and content of a website.

In addition to providing data about website visitors, UET Insights also provides data about ad performance. This data can be used to track the effectiveness of different ad campaigns, as well as to identify opportunities for improvement.

UET Insights is a valuable tool for any advertiser who wants to improve the performance of their campaigns. By providing insights into website visitors and ad performance, UET Insights can help advertisers make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

UET Insights Dashboard in Microsoft Ads

The new Microsoft Ads feature will enhance the capabilities of UET tag by collecting additional data signals from the website. These data signals will help advertisers gain visibility into their web traffic insights and improve their ad performance. UET Insights will include a built-in dashboard that will display key data such as:

  • Total visits to the website and number of visits per page
  • Session breakdown by country and device
  • Quick backs (customers who stay on the website for just a few seconds)
  • Time spent on the website

These data will help advertisers understand user behavior, identify potential issues, and improve user experience. UET Insights will also enable Microsoft Advertising to optimize ad performance more effectively by using the data signals for improved targeting, fraud detection, and reduced conversion loss. Some of the data signals include:

  • Page latencies (speed and load times)
  • Click and scroll interactions
  • Purchase cart details
  • Cart abandonment details
  • Browser-based signals
  • JavaScript browser errors

These data will help Microsoft Advertising deliver more relevant and personalized ads to the users, as well as prevent fraudulent clicks and conversion loss.

UET Insights will be automatically enabled for existing UET tags on a rolling basis starting from July 3, 2023. No coding is required from the advertisers' end to enable this feature. All new tags created in the future will also come pre-enabled with UET Insights.

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