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iToolab AnyGo: A GPS Location Spoofer That Puts You Anywhere in the World

AnyGo is a GPS relocation service from iToolab that also provides route simulation, GPX support, and location masking.


Faking your GPS location on an iPhone, iPad, or is something many people want to do for a number of reasons. You may want to use an app, game, or service without geolocation restrictions to worry about. Perhaps you want to find information online from another geographic location and accessing “locally” is more efficient. If you want to change your GPS location, iToolab AnyGo is a popular service that helps you do just that.

In the following , I will take a deeper look at iToolab AnyGo and see if it delivers on its promised features. Let's head below to see the full review which will help you decide if this is the GPS-switching solution for you.

What Is iToolab AnyGo?

A good place to start is with what actually is iToolab AnyGo. It is a suite of tools that helps you to change GPS location, keep track of your GPS movements, and access different geolocations on iPhone, iPad, or Android. In other words, you can appear to be in one location when you are really in another. As a location spoofer, AnyGo promises to also keep your personal data secure as it masks your physical location from anyone who may want access without permission.

AnyGo provides a location simulation that is an easy-to-use tool for virtually relocating to anywhere in the world from the comfort of home. It works across mobile platforms, even on older jailbroken iPhones. One of the core aims seems to be accessibility, with AnyGo providing a clean and functional UI that will appeal to beginners.

Available for Windows and macOS, the iToolab solution is quick to install and provides a robust feature set including location simulation, GPX file support, single, two, and multi-spot GPS settings, and joystick mode. Below is a quick summary of the core features of AnyGo:

  1. Jump to custom locations around the world to access services in other regions.
  2. Simulate your movement across a specific route, or by multiple spots.
  3. Import GPX files to plan routes and create auto-walk results.
  4. Change, fake, or mask the GPS location of up to 15 devices.

Why Would I Want to Fake my GPS Location?

Perhaps the most common question about GPS masking tools like AnyGo is why anyone would want to hide their location in such a way. After all, VPN options provide a viable way to access geo-restricted content or have more security when connected online. Even so, the GPS faking capabilities of iToolab AnyGo still have many practical purposes:

  • Hide your location: The most obvious reason to use a tool like AnyGo is to hide where you are. This is similar to how a VPN works and will make it appear like you are in another location than you really are.
  • Access geo-restricted content: Online services are often limited to certain locations or offer different content depending on the country. AnyGo allows you to access content anywhere in the world. Video services such as Netflix iplayer are currently not supported, however.
  • Play games that are location-specific: Some games access GPS to situate the player but may have limitations in some regions. These are known as location-based services (LBS) games and a well-known example is Pokémon GO. Switching GPS location allows you to access all the benefits of a LBS game globally.
  • Get updates sooner: Both and roll out iOS and Android updates in stages. Some regions do not receive an update until months after its initial launch. Changing location with a tool like AnyGo can help you access those updates and potential new features earlier.

How to Install and Start Using AnyGo

Getting started with AnyGo is easy as the service takes just a few minutes to install on a Windows PC. Below I will show you the steps to download and install iToolLab AnyGo on your PC:

Head to the iToollab AnyGo page and click the “FREE DOWNLOAD FOR /10/8/7” button. The download will start automatically when the page loads:

When the .exe downloads, click to install it and give permission for iToolab to interact with your PC. Before installation, you can also choose your preferred language:

Agree to the iToolab user agreement and click “Next”. Choose your file location for the program and click “Next”:

The installation wizard will now extract the files and install AnyGo. Once the process is complete, you can select “Finish” to launch the app:

iToolab AnyGo will now launch, and you can start using the GPS masking/spoofing tools that we will go into detail about in the next section.

Main Features of iToolab AnyGo

While AnyGo focuses on GPS spoofing, it has a bunch of other tools that make it useful as more of an all-around GPS solution.

  • Simulate location with customized speed and route: iToolab AnyGo allows users to similar a custom route at their location or a fake location. It is even possible to set metrics such as speed. In other words, you can travel virtually by walking, cycling, or driving along your custom routes. Multiple routes can be set in any location you want.
  • GPX file support: GPS Exchange (GPX) Format is an open-source XML schema that holds GPS data from apps, such as routes, waypoints, and places of interest. One of the standout features of iToolab AnyGo is that it supports GPX files. That means you can import your maps, routes, and other GPS data into the app to test and view them on a more authentic route.
  • Simultaneous GPS Spoofing on 15 devices: AnyGo provides multi-device GPS masking on all of its price points, with up to 15 Android and iOS devices supported at once. If you have a Galaxy S23 and want to walk routes in London, while also checking the streets of New York on your iPhone 14 Pro, you absolutely can. AnyGo also keeps track of all your activity across devices, allowing you to recall any routes and/or locations you have previously used.
  • Two-spot and Multi-spot modes:  You can pick start and endpoint locations for your routes in AnyGo, and make journeys multiple times. While iToolab will not replace your Google Maps anytime soon, multiple stops make it an interesting alternative for multi-step routes.
  • Joystick for precision: Joystick mode offers a more seamless way of interacting with AnyGo, with more efficient movement with arrows on the screen. iToolab says this mode is perfect for tighter locations in maps or micro-managing a location when zoomed in. However, I generally preferred using the app outside of joystick mode.

iToolab AnyGo Pricing

There are no usage tiers with AnyGo. The core app with all features is available to all customers and the only pricing differences are to do with how the user wants to pay. If you are someone who envisions needing a GPS relocation tool for a long time, the Lifetime plan stands out as good value. On the other hand, if you only need AnyGo for the occasional use a lesser plan is perhaps best:

iToolab AnyGo – Available Plans

  • 1 Month – $9.95
  • Quarterly – $19.95
  • Yearly – $39.95
  • Lifetime – $59.95

Final Thoughts – An Easy-to-Use GPS Masking Tool

There's no doubt that AnyGo from iToolab does what it promises. It fakes your GPS location quickly and efficiently, whether you are on iOS or Android. Thanks to its user-friendly UI, the solution is also ideal for beginners. Of course, GPS masking is a niche area, so this tool may only be for people who specifically need this type of service. Even so, AnyGo does have some interesting general mapping features that are useful to users but perhaps not enough for casual users to pay for.

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