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Build 2023: Microsoft Store Adds AI Hub and AI Summaries to Showcase AI Apps

At Build 2023, Microsoft introduced major AI upgrades for the Microsoft Store, including an AI Hub to help users download AI apps.


is making some big changes to the , with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI). The company announced at its Microsoft Build 2023 conference that AI will summarize the reviews of apps in the Microsoft Store, giving users a quick overview of what other customers think. The company is also adding an AI Hub, where users can find and download apps that use AI for various purposes.

AI-generated review summaries are becoming more common in online platforms, as they can help users get a sense of the quality and relevance of a product or service without reading through hundreds of reviews. Microsoft says that these summaries will show up across the Microsoft Store, along with the usual star ratings. However, the company did not explain how it will ensure the accuracy and fairness of these summaries, or how it will prevent them from being manipulated by malicious actors.

The AI Hub is a new section in the Microsoft Store that will showcase apps that use AI for creativity and productivity. Microsoft says that this hub will help users discover and learn about AI-powered tools, whether they are beginners or experts. The hub will feature apps from Microsoft and its partners, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023, which uses AI to enhance photos and create collages. Some examples of AI apps that will be featured on the AI Hub are:

  • Luminar Neo and Lensa: photo editing tools that use AI to enhance images and portraits
  • Descript, Krisp and Podcastle: audio and video editing tools that use AI to transcribe, remove noise and generate voiceovers
  • Gamma and Copy.ai: presentation and writing tools that use AI to create slides and copy
  • Kickresume: resume building tool that uses AI to generate personalized resumes
  • Play.ht: voice generation tool that uses AI to create realistic voices
  • Tripnotes: travel planning tool that uses AI to create itineraries

Microsoft Store Becoming More Developer-Friendly

For developers, Microsoft is also introducing some new features to help them optimize their apps for the Microsoft Store. One of them is AI-suggested search tags, which will automatically generate keywords based on the app's metadata and other signals. Developers can use these tags to improve their app's visibility in search results. Another feature is the ability to select multiple categories per app, which will allow developers to reach more potential customers.

In addition to these AI-related updates, Microsoft is also expanding its Microsoft Store Ads program, which lets developers promote their apps in various places. The ads will soon start appearing in Bing search results, as well as in video format in the Microsoft Store spotlight section. The program will also be available in 150 regions outside of the US starting from June.

Finally, Microsoft has improved its backup and restore system for users, which will automatically restore their Microsoft Store apps to their original locations in the taskbar and Start menu when they upgrade their OS or switch devices. This feature will make it easier for users to resume their work or play without having to manually reinstall and rearrange their apps.

Microsoft's latest updates to the Microsoft Store show that the company is serious about making its app store more intelligent and user-friendly. By leveraging AI, Microsoft hopes to enhance the user experience and attract more developers and customers to its platform.

How will AI improve app reviews and search?

Microsoft also announced that it will use AI to generate review summaries for apps on the Microsoft Store, showing a top-line synopsis of the reviews in addition to the usual rating of up to five stars. The company said that this will help users get a quick overview of the app's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the most common feedback from other users.

Additionally, Microsoft will use AI to suggest search tags for developers based on metadata and other signals, which will help their apps stand out in search results. Developers will also be able to select multiple categories per app, which will increase their visibility across different sections of the store.

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